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  1. This is a car.
  2. It’s mine.
  3. I am short.
  4. I am at the café.
  5. The party is at 9.
  6. He’s fat.
  7. I am in the living room.
  8. We are clever.
  9. My lamp is on my desk.
  10. I go to school by bus.
  11. I’m fine.
  12. My aquarium is in my room.
  13. I go playing football.
  14. I have no fish.
  15. Hi! How are you?
  16. My friend is Cs.
  17. Give it to me!
  18. This is an umbrella.
  19. I have a football and a basketball.
  20. Bye and take care!
  21. Her bike isn’t black.
  22. Five and five is ten.
  23. I think my mum is thirty-three.
  24. There are six cats under the table.
  25. We have a blue car.
  26. His coat is grey.
  27. He’s sad because he is ill.
  28. I have only one football.
  29. I have two arms.
  30. Dad goes to work.
  31. My grandfather has a hat.
  32. He says nothing.
  33. I have two turtles.
  34. He is the worst.
  35. I have a cute dog.
  36. How many pens do you have?
  37. Can you see an elephant?
  38. She has a skirt.
  39. Show me your bag.
  40. He has big ears.
  41. My grandfather isn’t old yet.
  42. This pen is red.
  43. Children must sit on the lessons.
  44. We sleep in bed at night.
  45. I don’t eat mushrooms.
  46. Put the book on the table.
  47. It is nearly six o’clock.
  48. I like going to the zoo.
  49. I have some big books.
  50. My classmate is fat.
  51. I have three pens.
  52. In the evening we switch on the tv.
  53. I have ten toes.
  54. I have some boxes full of toys.
  55. I have good eyes.
  56. It’s my room.
  57. The lamp is old.
  58. Can you dance? – Yes.
  59. In my class there are eleven boys.
  60. My folk dance teacher is a man.
  61. My leg is strong.
  62. Now we learn.
  63. You are late.
  64. I am a boy but I can dance.
  65. In our classroom there is a big map.
  66. I got a card today.
  67. My coat is new.
  68. I have lots of balls.
  69. On Tuesday I come home at five.
  70. My feet are thirty-six.
  71. I have a green bike.
  72. My knees sometimes hurt.
  73. I rarely walk.
  74. We never go by taxi.
  75. We don’t play football in winter.
  76. I don’t have a favourite word.
  77. Birds moved for winter.
  78. We are here in the dining-room.
  79. I have five fingers on one hand.
  80. I’ve got a good idea.
  81. You aren’t late.
  82. Well, I don’t know.
  83. I have some favourite songs.
  84. Is this your pen?
  85. I have two pairs of slippers.
  86. I have a doll.
  87. The horse has four legs.
  88. Fire! Help!
  89. I am a bit lazy.
  90. I have done my homework.
  91. I show you my copybook.
  92. I don’t like Jurassic Park.
  93. We were in a boat when we were angling.
  94. I don’t like to draw.
  95. We went from the café  to the shop.
  96. I have a head.
  97. I can’t write with my left hand.
  98. What’s the time?
  99. I don’t like singing very much.
  100. I go to bed about nine.
  101. I have a reading book.
  102. I have eaten duck.
  103. There are a lot of girls in my class.
  104. I can hear a lion.
  105. My hair isn’t long.
  106. I turn left now.
  107. I have two pairs of sportshoes.
  108. My nose hurts.
  109. I don’t have a boss.
  110. I have a desk in my room.
  111. Give me a sweet!
  112. Where are you? – Here!
  113. Look at my new T-shirt.
  114. They are next to the house.
  115. I usually go to the shop.
  116. I don’t know his name.
  117. Sometimes I go to a café.
  118. I like nature films.
  119. My class is a good group.
  120. I don’t have many history books.
  121. Let’s write sentences.
  122. I am thin.
  123. Mum puts the wet clothes on a rope.
  124. I meet my friend every day.
  125. The monkeys are in cages.
  126. I have already found a card in the street.
  127. The sky is grey in winter.
  128. Don’t talk!
  129. The lion is the King of the Animals.
  130. Give me this book.
  131. I like reading.
  132. What time do you start work?
  133. Hmvh is not a city; it’s a town.
  134. My face is dirty.
  135. My hair is brown.
  136. I don’t know the answer.
  137. My hand hurts very much.
  138. I’m not tall.
  139. I don’t like pink.
  140. Who’ s got an elephant?
  141. I have a good coat.
  142. It was fine today.
  143. I have small hands.
  144. There is a kite at my grandfather’s.
  145. I wait for the bus.
  146. Today I took my sticker album to school.
  147. I have plans.
  148. I have zero cats.
  149. I watch tv at 8 pm.
  150. There is a hippo at the zoo.
  151. I have black jeans.
  152. Today is Tuesday.
  153. I like apples.
  154. I have a broken ruler.
  155. I watch matches at home.
  156. There are three flowers in the vase.
  157. This table is black.
  158. My maths homework is ready.
  159. There is a sweet in my mouth.
  160. Today I got a red point.
  161. I’ve brought in my copy-book.
  162. I am quick.
  163. There is a green table in the kitchen.
  164. I am young.
  165. The basket is brown.
  166. You’re right.
  167. I don’t wear skirts.
  168. I have two uncles.
  169. I get up at about 6 o’clock.
  170. There is a river nearby.
  171. I am small.
  172. I have white socks.
  173. I caught the ball.
  174. Seven and four is eleven.
  175. There are dangerous snakes.
  176. Whose is that balloon?
  177. This leaf is green.
  178. I have two shirts.
  179. I have a lot of socks.
  180. Our form teacher is a woman.
  181. I am not always happy.
  182. In my class I am not the shortest.
  183. Sorry! – That’s OK.
  184. I don’t like writing.
  185. This exercise is not difficult.
  186. I have some pocket money.
  187. Thanks for the present.
  188. I know twins.
  189. I have two aunties.
  190. I have some cousins.
  191. I listen to the radio.
  192. I have lunch after 1 o’clock.
  193. I haven’t met a robber.
  194. At a shop we have to use a basket.
  195. I have a big family.
  196. I have little money.
  197. I have a box of toys.
  198. Have you got a rubber?
  199. I don’t wear blouses.
  200. I don’t know a famous person personally.
  201. I am the hungriest before lunch.
  202. Do you like oranges?
  203. I don’t have a sister.
  204. Who is the cleverest in your class?
  205. Where does your father work?
  206. I wouldn’t like a pet monkey.
  207. My classmate has some parrots.
  208. This room is about 16 square metres.
  209. I went to the cinema in february.
  210. Follow that car!
  211. I like writing with pencils.
  212. I live in Koszta József street.
  213. Yellow is my favourite colour.
  214. The circle is a perfect shape.
  215. I am not eleven yet.
  216. My mother and my father work at the same place.
  217. There aren’t pretty teachers at our school.
  218. Noon is at twelve o’clock.
  219. I prefer light colours. (=like … better)
  220. I have many friends at school.
  221. A coke, please!
  222. Repeat it, please!
  223. My favourite animal is the dog.
  224. We don’t live at the corner.
  225. I have written a letter.
  226. My favourite number is twenty-two.
  227. I like rabbit fried in breadcrumbs.
  228. I have two yellow balloons.
  229. There isn’t a picture on the wall in this room.
  230. I am not afraid of monsters.
  231. My bicycle is very old.
  232. Perhaps tomorrow it will be nice, too.
  233. I must go now. Goodbye!
  234. I’d like a brother.
  235. Come in and sit down!
  236. I always watch Tv in the evening.
  237. My clothes are in the wardrobe.
  238. My mother wakes me up in the morning.
  239. Have you got an empty page/cassette/box/bag/CD?
  240. What is there on your shoulder?
  241. Go straight on.
  242. I can’t complete this serie of stickers.
  243. Do you remember me?
  244. I need an umbrella because it’s raining.
  245. Elephants eat leaves and grass.
  246. I eat icecream in summer.
  247. My birthday is in July.
  248. I play football on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  249. The roof looks like a triangle.
  250. I don’t have pink trousers.
  251. What is in that envelope?
  252. Aeroplanes look very small in the sky.
  253. I play football, dance, sing, learn English in the afternoon.
  254. Football is sometimes dangerous.
  255. I read jokes only in newspapers.
  256. I have a small calculator.
  257. I always like chocolates.
  258. We rarely go to restaurants.
  259. Go straight on here then turn left.
  260. Do you have a photo of you?
  261. There is a supermarket near here.
  262. Hippos live in the water.
  263. I would eat a box of chocolates.
  264. There is a sign there. Can you see (it)?
  265. I’ve found something! Come here!
  266. A dog wants to bite me! Help!
  267. I am 10. How old are you?
  268. I have a lot of books. - How many?
  269. You stepped on my foot! – I’m sorry.
  270. I’m glad to see you. Come in.
  271. Come on! The police’s coming!
  272. I’m not ill now. I’m fine.
  273. I’m cold! – Here! A coat!
  274. What’s the time? – I don’t know. I don’t have a watch.
  275. What is that? – It’s a remote control.
  276. Gbye! Have a good journey! Take care!
  277. Here, your present. Happy birthday!
  278. I’m not busy. I have got (some) time.
  279. Hi! How are you? How is your brother?
  280. I’m bored. – Let’s go playing football!
  281. There is a bed in my room. There are a few plants in my room.
  282. I have a ball.
  283. What is it?
  284. I am an angler.
  285. I am an English teacher.
  286. The supermarket closes at 9.
  287. He will learn.
  288. The present is in the box.
  289. We are learning English.
  290. We put plates on the table.
  291. We go to the cinema at 5.
  292. I’m a boss.
  293. The book is in the cupboard.
  294. I go to school at 7:30.
  295. I have no money.
  296. Hi! How are you?
  297. My chess breaks.
  298. They beat me.
  299. I can see an elephant.
  300. You read and count.
  301. Bye children! We'll meet tomorrow.
  302. Her hair is brown.
  303. My friend is ten years old.
  304. Mum is cooking in the kitchen.
  305. Summer holidays are long.
  306. The car parks in the park.
  307. His bag is blue.
  308. My friend is sad.
  309. I have only one brother.
  310. My arm broke.
  311. Dad went to work.
  312. I haven't got a hat.
  313. They say they will play snowballing.
  314. I have two eyes.
  315. My child was bad at school.
  316. The dog barks.
  317. How big is your room?
  318. We can see a film now.
  319. She prepares for a fashion show.
  320. My bag is wet.
  321. My ears are very good.
  322. My old car is very good now.
  323. My pen is red.
  324. I like sitting on my chair.
  325. My bed is light brown.
  326. I eat bread every day.
  327. What do you put into your bag?
  328. It's six o'clock.
  329. We go to the zoo in summer.
  330. My brother is big.
  331. My classmate is big.
  332. I've got a new pen.
  333. The bag is beautiful.
  334. My toes are small.
  335. The box is on the table.
  336. My eyes are brown.
  337. It's a window.
  338. My colour pencil is old.
  339. Have you got a brother? - Yes.
  340. My friends are boys.
  341. A man is coming on the pavement.
  342. I have long legs.
  343. Now I am thinking.
  344. Are you just writing?
  345. It's spring but it's cold.
  346. I have a map of Hungary.
  347. I have got a bike.
  348. Is your bike new? - No.
  349. I have more balls.
  350. Come here.
  351. My foot hurts.
  352. I have breakfast at 6:45.
  353. My knees hurt.
  354. I don't walk to school.
  355. I don't go to school by taxi.
  356. I play one or two hours in the afternoon.
  357. I know many English words.
  358. We don't have birds.
  359. Look here!
  360. I have five fingers on one hand.
  361. I have an idea.
  362. It's late, let's go home!
  363. Well, the weather is nice.
  364. Do you have a favourite song?
  365. I have two pairs of gloves.
  366. Your chair is very good.
  367. The sea is blue.
  368. I don't have a doll.
  369. Five minus one is four.
  370. Help! It hurts!
  371. I'm a bit lazy.
  372. Well done! You were clever.
  373. Show me your watch!
  374. There isn't a park nearby / near here.
  375. We don't have a boat.
  376. I like drawing.
  377. Where are you from?
  378. I have a headache.
  379. My friend is left-handed.
  380. What are you doing?
  381. I'm nine.
  382. I like animal-books.
  383. My grandmother keeps ducks.
  384. There are twelve girls in my class.
  385. I can hear a dog barking.
  386. It's been a long day.
  387. At the end of the street I turn left.
  388. I have many pairs of shoes.
  389. My nose broke.
  390. My father is a boss.
  391. My desk is big.
  392. Give me a glass of water.
  393. Here! The change.
  394. What are you looking at?
  395. They are not mine.
  396. The shop is small.
  397. Is your name long?
  398. I don’t go to cafés.
  399. The film starts at 1:30 in the afternoon.
  400. Is the film good?
  401. Do you have many books?
  402. Let’s go to the beach!
  403. I have a thin classmate.
  404. The rope broke.
  405. Let’s meet at 5.
  406. What is in the cage?
  407. What did you find?
  408. What is this grey thing on my desk?
  409. I don’t like vegetable dish.
  410. What does a lion eat?
  411. Why is this here?
  412. What do you read?
  413. What’s the time?
  414. Is HMVH a big city?
  415. What is on your face?
  416. What colour is your hair?
  417. What do you know?
  418. Is it a big thing?
  419. Are you tall?
  420. Do you have a pink pencil?
  421. Who’s your boss?
  422. Where is my coat?
  423. Is the weather fine?
  424. What is in your hand?
  425. Can you fly a kite?
  426. Who do you wait for?
  427. Take it!
  428. Is this plan good?
  429. A half is zero point five. (=0.5)




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When do you switch on the radio?
The evening is hot this summer.
In the evening we go to the café.
I broke my toe.
I had no toys.
Is your glass full or empty?
We need some pens.
There is something in my eye. I can't see anything.
How old is your bike?
I don't dance.
My class is big and there are two more boys than girls.
Our classroom is big and green.
My leg hurts.
How long is your workday?
Weight-lifters are strong.
What will you learn in the evening?
Now I have to do lots of things.
Don't be late!
We have time but we have to hurry.
Our formteacher short and wears glasses.
Can you show me your hometown in the map?