Brain Storming nyelvtanulási segédletei

BRAIN STORMING több mint 20 éves nyelvoktatási és fordítói tapasztalata és gyakorlata által kiérlelt módszerek és segédletek tárháza.

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Alapfokú angol társalgási minimum – 335 egyszerű kérdés és mintaválaszok, avagy: így működik a BS-féle GPSV-alapmódszer

2012.09.20. 22:52 aforizmágus anyag egy tipikus, Brain Storming-féle GPSV-módszerrel készíett egyénreszabott tananyag.

A szerkezete:

Az 1. részben 10 egyszerű személyes kérdés és ezek válasza.

A 2. részben az első 10 kérdés és válasz részletes lexikális és nyelvtani kiterjesztő gyakoroltatása, szintén személyes kérdésekkel és azok válaszaival.

A 3. részben a szokásos alapfokú, társalgási témák rövid kivonata, személyes válaszokkal.


  1. What’s your name? – My name is G.R.
  2. How old are you? – I am twenty-three.
  3. When were you born? – I was born in nineteen, seventy-eight.
  4. When is your birthday? – On (the) twelfth of December.
  5. How tall are you? – I am one hundred and seventy-two.
  6. How many kilos are you? – I am about fifty-six kilos.
  7. Where do you live? – I live in Hmvh.
  8. What’s your address? – Fifteen, Kaszap street.
  9. What do you do?, What’s your job?, What are you? – I am a dressmaker.
  10. Where do you work? – At P.D. Limited (Ltd.).


  1. What’s your favourite food? – My favourite food is stuffed cabbage.
  2. What’s your favourite season? – My favourite season is spring.
  3. What’s your favourite day (of the week)? – My favourite day is Friday.
  4. What’s your favourite fruit? – My favourite fruite is peach.
  5. What’s your favourite colour? – My favourite colour is grey.
  6. What’s your family name? – My family name is Gönczöl. surname = family name
  7. What’s your first name? – My first name is Rita. first name = given name = Christian name
  8. What’s your nickname? – I don’t have a nickname.
  9. How are you? – (Well), Fine, thanks.
  10. How much?
  11. How much is the chewing gum?
  12. How much is the soup / soap?
  13. How much do I owe you?
  14. How old is that car?
  15. How old is that bread?
  16. Are you a girl? – Yes. I am a girl.
  17. Are you old? – No. I am not old.
  18. Are you tall? – Yes. I am tall.
  19. Are you fat? – No. I am not fat.
  20. Are you thin? – No. I am not thin. I am slim.
  21. Do you have a brother or a sister? – Yes.
  22. Do you have a brother? – No.
  23. Do you have sisters? – Yes.
  24. How many sisters do you have? – Two. / I have  two sisters.
  25. How old are they? – They are twenty- seven and twenty-six.
  26. What’s your elder sister’s first name? – Zs.
  27. When was she born? – She was born in nineteen, seventy-five.
  28. Where does she live? – In Hmvh.
  29. Is she old? – No. She is not old. She is young.
  30. Is she tall? – No. She is not tall. She is short.
  31. Is she fat? – No. She is not fat. She is slim.
  32. Is she married? – No. She is not married. She lives with her partner.
  33. What’s your younger sister’s first name? – T.
  34. When was she born? – In seventy-six.
  35. Where does she live? – She lives in Hmvh.
  36. Is she hardworking? – Yes. She is hardworking. She is not lazy.
  37. Is she strong? – No. She is not strong. She is weak.
  38. is she friendly? – Yes. She is friendly. She is not cold.
  39. Is she blond? – No. She is not blond. She has black hair.
  40. Are we in Hmvh? – Yes. We are in Hmvh. We aren’t in Szeged.
  41. Are we young? – Yes. We are young. We aren’t old.
  42. Are we Hungarian? – Yes. We are Hungarian. We aren’t German.
  43. What’s his first name? – József.
  44. How old is he? – He is thirty-two.
  45. Is he old? – No. He is middle-aged.
  46. Is he tall? – No. He is not tall. He is shorter than me.
  47. What is he? – He is a mechanic.
  48. Is he friendly? – Yes. He is friendly.
  49. What is (that thing) like?
  50. What is it like?
  51. It is small. It is sharp. It is hard. - Is it a knife? – No. It is not a knife. It is a pair of scissors.
  52. What is it like? – It is big. It is flat. It is smooth. It is brown. It has four legs. It is in my room. – Is it a table? – Yes. It is a table.
  53. Do you have books? – Yes.
  54. How many books do you have? – I have a lot.
  55. Where are they? – They are in my room.
  56. Are they in a book-case? – Yes. They are on shelves.
  57. How old are they? – They are old.
  58. How often do you read them? – Very rarely. I don’t like reading.
  59. Are they valuable? – No. They aren’t valuable.
  60. When do you usually wake up? – Usually at five.
  61. Do you get up then? – Yes. I get up at five.
  62. What do you do after getting up? – I make coffee.
  63. When do you drink coffee? – At five:fifteen.
  64. What do you do after drinking coffee? – I get dressed.
  65. When do you get dressed? – At about five:twenty.
  66. What do you do during drinking coffee and getting dressed? – I watch Tv.
  67. What do you do after getting dressed? – I pack my working clothes, I comb my hair and I tidy my room.
  68. When do you leave for work? – At five:thirty.
  69. How do you go to work? – On foot.
  70. How long do you take to get to work? – It depends. It takes me ten minutes. If I go shopping it takes twenty minutes.
  71. When do you arrive at work? – At about five:forty-five or five:fifty.
  72. When do you start work? – At six.
  73. What do you do before work? – I change my clothes. I put on my working trousers. And we talk.
  74. When do you have breakfast? –At eight.
  75. What do you usually have for breakfast? – Rolls, hamburgers or fried dough.
  76. When do you have lunch? – In my lunch break.
  77. When is your lunch break? – At about eleven:thirty.
  78. When do you finish work? – At two:thirty.
  79. When do you arrive home after work? – At three, if I don’t work overtime.
  80. And if you work overtime? – Then at four or four:thirty.
  81. What do you usually do in the afternoon? – I learn English, and I go training.
  82. When do you learn English? – Two times / Twice a week.
  83. How many times do you go training a week? – Twice a week.
  84. When do you have dinner / supper?  If I have dinner I eat at about eight pm.
  85. When do you have a bath / shower. – About seven.
  86. What do you do before going to bed? – I watch tv.
  87. When do you go to bed? – About nine:thirty.
  88. How many hours do you usually sleep? – About seven.
  89. Where were you born? – I was born in Szeged.
  90. Where were you last night? – I was at home.
  91. Where were you this morning at seven,thirty? – I was at work.
  92. Where were you at five pm today? – I was at home in my bedroom.


  1. Above: There is a mirror above the shelf.
  2. After: After lunch I went home.
  3. Along: I go home along Kaszap street.
  4. From: I come/am from Hungary.
  5. I work from 6 am to 2:30 pm.
  6. Out of: Come out of the room!
  7. At: I get up at five am.
  8. at the weekend: I usually wash, cook and tidy at home at the weekends.
  9. home / at home: I am at home. I go home.
  10. She is at / in the cinema.
  11. In: I am in my room.
  12. I will arrive in two hours.
  13. I can do this (job) in three hours.
  14. I was born in December.
  15. I was born in 1978.
  16. I will go on holiday in summer.
  17. Usually I am tired in the afternoon / morning / evening.
  18. Round: I’d like to travel round the world.
  19. Outside: There is a car park, a playground and a lawn outside my block.
  20. Into: I sit into the bathtub to have a bath.
  21. Up: I took up doing exercises in February.
  22. I always go up the stairs to my flat.
  23. Between - between you and me / us / my parents: I do exercises between 5:45 and 6:30 on Monday and Friday.
  24. Between my home and my workplace there is about two kilometres.
  25. Behind: My wardrobe is behind my armchair.
  26. Near: River Tisza is near our town but River Danube isn’t near.
  27. In front of: There is a kindergarten in front of my workplace.
  28. With: I cut thread with my scissors.
  29. I go to work with my friend.


  1. How many beds do you have? – I have one bed.
  2. How many watches do you have? – I have two watches.
  3. How many bedrooms do you have? – We have three bedrooms.
  4. How many rings do you have? – I have four rings.
  5. How many fingers do you have on one hand? – I have five fingers on one hand.
  6. How many scissors do you have? – I have six pairs of scissors.
  7. How many doors do you have? – We have seven doors.
  8. How many is 4 and 4? – 4 and 4 is 8.
  9. How much is 3 times 3? – It’s 9.
  10. How many pairs of shoes do you have? – I have more than ten pairs.
  11. When is your nameday? – On (the) 22nd (twenty-second) of May. / On 22 May. / On May 22. (= On May the 22nd.)
  12. When is your birthday? – On December (the) 12th.
  13. Which was the last day of your holiday? – On August (the) 11th.
  14. When will you go off work next? – On December (the) 19th.
  15. Which was the first day of your summer holiday? – On July (the) 26th.
  16. How long is your hair? – It’s long.
  17. How difficult is your job? – It’s (not) very difficult. It’s not easy.
  18. How tiring is your work-out? – It’s very tiring.
  19. How fast do you work? – Very, very fast. I am not slow.
  20. How much do you eat for breakfast? – Not a little and not much.
  21. How deep do you sleep? – Very deeply.
  22. How often do you cook? – Not often. Only at weekends.
  23. How often do you drive? – Unfortunately, never.
  24. How often do you wash / have a bath? – Every day / Always.
  25. How often do you go to the cinema? – Rarely.
  26. When do you usually have dinner? – Usually I have dinner after I had a bath.
  27. How often do you listen to the radio? – Ocassionally.
  28. How often do you watch TV? – Sometimes.
  29. What do you do when you are sad? – I think of the problem.
  30. How fast can you run? – Very fast.
  31. Do you ride your bike fast? – No. Usually I ride my bike slowly.
  32. What is the street like where you live? – It’s straight.
  33. Is your hair wavy? – No. It’s straight.
  34. Do you like sour cherry? – Yes. I like sour things.
  35. Are you a tidy girl? – Yes.
  36. Are you wide shouldered? – No.
  37. How hot water do you usually have a bath in? – Usually I have a bath in warm water.
  38. Do you like light clothes? – No. I prefer dark clothes.
  39. Do you like rain? – No. I don’t like wet weather.
  40. It’s cold nowadays. – You’re right.
  41. You won’t go to the USA. – You’re wrong.


  1. What schools did you go to? – Nursery school, primary school and secondary school.
  2. Did you learn well at school? – At primary school I didn’t learn well, but at secondary school, yes.
  3. Did you enjoy/like school? – I liked school, but I didn’t like learning.
  4. What were your favourite subjects? – I only liked technical subjects.
  5. What subjects didn’t you like? – Maths, physics and chemistry.
  6. What are your main interests? – I’m interested in sports, films, music and language.
  7. What is your personality like? – I am hardworking, talkative and sociable.
  8. What do you look like? – I am tall, I have long red hair and brown eyes. I think I am slim.
  9. How big is your family? – My family is small.
  10. Who do you live with? – I live with my sister’s family.
  11. How many sisters or brothers have you got? – I have two sisters.
  12. How old are your parents? – My father was born in ’44, and my mother was born is ’51. They died long ago.
  13. Are your grandparents still alive? – One of my grandmothers live in Hmvh. She is 72.
  14. How often do you see her? – Every week / once a week.
  15. Have you got any aunts / uncles / in-laws / nephews / nieces / cousins / children? – My sisters aren’t married. They live with their partners. My younger sister has two children. My elder sister has one child, a son. I have two brothers-in-law and three nephews.
  16. How often do you see your relatives? – Very often.
  17. What family occasions do you celebrate? – We celebrate namedays, birthdays and mothers’ day.
  18. How do you celebrate birthdays? / What do you do on birthdays? – When I have a birthday my sisters visit me. They give me presents, we talk and eat a cake. We do the same when my sisters have birthdays.
  19. What is the greatest family festival for you? / Tell me a great family festival! – Christmas.
  20. How do you celebrate Xmas? / What do you do at Xmas? – Before Xmas we do a great Xmas shopping. We buy food and drink and presents. On (the) 23rd and 24th we cook and bake for Xmas. On (the) 24th we visit our grandmother. We give presents to each other. Everybody has a Xmas dinner with her family.
  21. How do you celebrate Easter? – We don’t celebrate Easter. I don’t know why but we don’t like Easter.
  22. How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? – Usually I am at home and I watch Tv, but sometimes I and my friends go to a party.
  23. How many public holidays do we have, and what do we celebrate on these days? -  On March 15th, we celebrate the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 48-49. August 20th is the day of our first King, Stephen. On October 23rd, we celebrate the declaration of Hungarian Republic and the revolution of 1956.
  24. How do you wake up? – I wake up on an alarm-clock.
  25. What do you do first when you get up? – I go to the bathroom.
  26. What do you do in the bathroom? – I wash.
  27. Who makes your breakfast? – I, myself. / I make my breakfast.
  28. Where do you have lunch? – When I work I have lunch in the canteen. When I don’t work, I have lunch at home in the kitchen.
  29. What do you usually have for lunch? – It’s changing.
  30. What do you usually do after work? – After work I go home, I watch Tv or I learn.
  31. Who does most of the housework in your family? – My sister, because I am at home a little.
  32. What do you help in housework? – I wash up, hoover, wash the floor, clean the bathroom, cook, etc.
  33. What housework do you like or hate most? – I don’t like housework but I do them. But I really hate taking the dustbin out.
  34. What labour saving devices do you know? – Iron, microwave oven, washing machine, hairdrier, hoover, etc.
  35. Which do you often use? – All of them.
  36. What is your town like? – Our town is small but I like it.
  37. How many people live there? – About fifty thousand people.
  38. Do you like to live there? – Yes. It is a nice and calm place.
  39. Which do you prefer? Town or country? – I like town better. There is always something interesting happening.
  40. Do you live in or outside the center? – In the centre.
  41. Do you live in a house or a flat? – I live in a flat. In a ten-story building.
  42. What kind of flat is it? – It is a three-room flat on the second floor of a big block of flats.
  43. How many rooms are there in your flat? – There is a living-room, two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a pantry.
  44. How big are the rooms? – My room is the biggest. It’s about fifty square metres. The smallest is the toilet. It’s about one square metre.
  45. How is your room furnished? What are there in your room? – In my room there is a wall-unit, a sewing-machine table, a sofa, a bed, two armchairs, a smoking table, and some plants. The smoking table is in the middle of the room with the two armchairs. Under the window there is a sewing-machine table. My bed is opposite the window. The wall-unit is between the door and the window by the wall. The sofa is behind the smoking table by the wall.
  46. How big is the kitchen? How is it furnished? – Our kitchen isn’t big. In the kitchen there are two fridges, a cupboards, a table, four chairs, a cooker, a sink, and two microwave ovens.
  47. Do you have a living room? – No. The biggest room is mine. It isn’t a living room, it is my bed-sitting room.
  48. What things are there in your bathroom? – In our bathroom there is a tub, a washing-machine, a wash basin, and a mirror.
  49. Do you have a balcony or a cellar or an attic? – We have a balcony. We use it for the washed clothes.
  50. What ornaments do you like? – I like pictures and cushions.
  51. What telecommunication do you have or use? – I have a color TV and a telephone.
  52. What heating do you have at home? – We have central heating.
  53. What do you have on your floor? – We have wall-to-wall carpet in the rooms, the kitchen, the pantry, the toilet and the bathroom and the hall are tiled.
  54. What kinds of houses do you know? – Block of flats, detached house, semi-detached house, cottage.
  55. What are your hobbies? – Doing aerobics, learning English.
  56. What do you like doing in your free time? – I watch TV, play with the children, read books or magazines, and I like sleeping.
  57. Tell me some hobbies! – Travelling, working, collecting things, going to discos or cinemas, dancing, singing, do-it-yourself, etc.
  58. Why do you learn English? – I wanted to go to America.
  59. What are your plans(for the future)? – I want to go to America.
  60. What would you like to be? – Stage and custom designer.
  61. Do you need English for your work? – Not, yet.
  62. Do you like your job? – I like it but it’s boring.
  63. What kind of job is it? – I am a dressmaker; I sit at my sewing-machine all day, and the workshop is very noisy.
  64. How long have you done it? – For 3 years.
  65. Is it a well-paid job? Do you earn well? Do you get a good salary? – Dressmakers don’t earn well, but I’ve got a good place.
  66. How many days paid holiday do you get? – I think twenty-two, but I don’t know exactly / I’m not sure.
  67. What’s your boss like? Do you like your boss? How do you get on with your boss? – My boss is funny. I like my boss / him.
  68. Do you like your colleagues? What about your colleagues? – I like most of them.
  69. When do you start and finish work? – I start work at 6 a.m. and finish it at 2:30 p.m.
  70. What do you usually do at your workplace? – I work, (at morning break) I have breakfast, I have lunch (at lunch break), I talk to my colleagues.
  71. Do you have any breaks? – We have a morning break, a break at ten a.m., a lunch break, and a break at two.
  72. Tell me some jobs! – Locksmith, teacher, nurse, etc.
  73. How many times do you eat a day? What are these meals? – Three times. Breakfast, lunch, supper.
  74. What do you usually have for lunch? – Soup, second course, for example: noodles, vegetable dish, meat. And something for dessert.
  75. Tell me some national dishes! – Gulash, fish-soup, chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage, etc.
  76. What do you usually eat for supper? – It’s very changing. It depends on my hunger. For example sandwiches, pizza, etc.
  77. What do you keep in your larder / fridge? What do you have in your larder / fridge? – In the fridge we keep butter, milk, cold cuts, sour cream, cheese. In the pantry we keep sugar, flour, oil, rice, spices, canned and tinned food.
  78. Who cooks at home? – My sister, but at the weekend I help her.
  79. Can you cook? – Yes, but I don’t like it very much.
  80. How do you like cooking? – It’s changing. Mostly I like cooking alone.
  81. What’s your favourite food and how do you make it if you can? – My favourite food is stuffed cabbage, but how / the way my grandmother makes it.
  82. How do you lay the table? – The plate is here. The fork is here. The knife and the spoon are here. The napkin is here under the fork. And the dessert spoon and the glass are here.
  83. Do you often go to restaurants? – I never go to resturants.
  84. How often do you go shopping? – I go shopping every day on my way home from work.
  85. What do you buy every day? – For example rolls, milk, cold cuts, cheese, mineral water, etc.
  86. What can you buy at a supermarket? – Bakers’ ware, dairy products, groceries, meat and sweets.
  87. How do you do your shopping there? – Quickly, because I don’t like shopping at a food shop. Most food shops are self-serviced and you have to use a basket and you have to pay at the cash desk.
  88. What shops are there in the main street of your town? – Stationers’, sports shop, chemist’s, bookshop, shoeshop, haberdashery, perfumery, post office.
  89. What can you buy at a big department store? – Everything I need, for example: clothes, shoes, leather goods, toiletries, jewellery, haberdashery, household goods, electric appliances.
  90. What services are there at a post office? – At the post office I can buy stamps, envelopes, postcards. I can send letters, parcels and money orders.
  91. How do you send a letter or a parcel? – I send my letters in envelopes with stamps. When I send a parcel I fill in a form and they weigh the parcel.
  92. How do you write the address on the envelope? -  I write the name, the town, the street, and the house number and the postal code on the right hand side of the envelope. I put the stamp over the name.
  93. Do you have a phone? – I don’t have a wire-phone, but I have a mobile phone. I have had it for about a year.
  94. How do you make a phone call from a public phonebox? – I pick up the receiver. I put a coin or a card into the slot. I dial the number.
  95. When were you last ill? What was the matter? – Long ago. I had a cold.
  96. Did you go to the doctor? – No.
  97. How did you recover? – I drank lots of tea and I lied a lot.
  98. How long did it take you to recover? – About five days.
  99. What do you do when you have toothache? – I go to the dentist.
  100. What are the commonest diseases? – Influenza, allergy, nervous problems, etc.
  101. What child diseases did you have / when you were a child? – I can’t remember, but I must have had all.
  102. What do you do for your health? – Nothing. I should do some sports, eat much fruit and vegetable, and sleep more.
  103. Do you do any sports regularly? – I used to go aerobic training, but nowadays I don’t.
  104. What facilities do you have for sports? – I can go swimming, jogging, playing football, playing tennis, biking, etc.
  105. What winter sports do you know? – Ski, ice-hockey, skating.
  106. What water sports do you know? – Swimming, water-polo, etc. I don’t know more.
  107. What are there in athletics? – There are running, jumping and throwing.
  108. What ball games do you know? – Basketball, handball, football, tennis, table-tennis, golf, etc.
  109. Do you like football? – No, I don’t like it. I am not interested in it.
  110. Do you watch sports on TV? – No, I watch no sport on tv.
  111. What weather do you like best? – When it is sunny and warm and not too hot.
  112. Which is your favourite season and why? – Spring, because the weather is nice then.
  113. What’s the weather like in spring? – Sunny, nice and sometimes rainy.
  114. What’s the weather like in summer? – It’s very hot day and night.
  115. What do people do in summer? – They lie next to some water, travel, eat cold things.
  116. What do you wear on the beach? – Men wear swimmin trunks, and women wear bikini.
  117. Which season do you hate most and why? – Winter, becasue it is cold and I have to get dressed a lot.
  118. What’s the weather like in autumn? – Wet, foggy, cold, cloudy, windy, … bad.
  119. What do you do when it’s raining? – I use and umbrella.
  120. What’s the weather like in winter? – Cold, windy, freezy, snowy and dark.
  121. Do you like cold weather? – No, I don’t like cold but I like snow. I like hot weather better.
  122. What do you wear in winter? – Boots, pullover, trousers, stockings, tights, coat, cap, scarf, gloves, warm socks.
  123. What do you wear in summer? – Slippers, shorts, T-shirt or a dress.
  124. What do men wear? – Shorts, trousers, tie, suit, jacket, socks, leather shoes.
  125. What do women wear? – Skirt, blouse, suit, tights, stockings.
  126. What do you think is fashionable? – Jeans are always very fashionable. I don’t usually follow fashion. I always wear what I like and it depends on the weather.
  127. What are you wearing now? – I am wearing white socks, blue jeans, grey T-shirt and a grey pullover.
  128. How did you come here? – By bus.
  129. How long did it take you to get here? – About an hour.
  130. What vehicles are used in city transport? – Trams, underground, trolley-busses, busses, suburban-train.
  131. How do you use public transport vehicles? – We need a ticket or season ticket. We can get on and off at stops. We have to punch our ticket. We have to push a button before we want to get off.
  132. How do you use the underground? – I use it like the other public transport vehicles.
  133. How do you go to work every day? – On foot.
  134. How do you like to travel? – I like travelling by car, because it’s more comfortable than busses or trains.
  135. When did you last travel by train? – Long ago. About 4 years ago. We came home from Lake Balaton.
  136. Where do you like to sit? – Next to the window.
  137. Where did you buy the tickets? – At the ticket-office.
  138. Have you ever flown? – No, but I would like to try it.
  139. Where do you like to go on holiday? – In one year to a beach and in the other year to the mountains.
  140. How do you prepare for a journey? – I always go for an individual trip.
  141. What do you pack before leaving? – I pack clothes, shoes, toiletries, food and the necessary documents.
  142. What documents do you need when you go abroad? – Passport and a visa.
  143. What do they ask you at the customs? – I have to show them my luggage.
  144. Where can tourists stay? – At hotels, motels, camping sites, guest-houses.
  145. What rooms are there in a hotel? – Single room, double room, room with a barthroom or a shower.
  146. How can you book a room (at a hotel)? – Personally, in a letter or on the phone.
  147. How do you check in? – I have to fill in a form. I get the keys and I occupy my room.
  148. How often do you go to the theatre? – I don’t go to the theatre, because I am not very interested in it.
  149. How did you enjoy your last visit to the theatre? – I liked it, but it was very long ago.
  150. What was the play about? – It was about a student, who was cheated. It didn’t have a happy end.
  151. Do you have a favourite actor or an actress? – My favourtie actor is Tom Hanks and my favourite actress is Sandra Bullock. I like the way they play.
  152. What films do you like to see at the cinema? – Comedies, thrillers and detective stories.
  153. Do you ever watch TV? – Yes, but only in the evenings.
  154. What are your favourite programs? – Nature films and feature films.
  155. Which do you prefer: radio or television? – I like and use radio and television in the same way.
  156. When do you usually listen to the radio? – When I work all day.
  157. What programs do you always listen to? – Everything.
  158. What music do you like? – Pop music.
  159. Do you subscribe any newspapers? – No.
  160. What paper do you read if you read? – I don’t read newspapers only magazines.
  161. Do you ever buy books or newspapers? – I never buy books or papers.
  162. Do you go to libraries? – No, I don’t go to libraries.
  163. Do you like to read? – No, I don’t like reading.



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