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BRAIN STORMING több mint 20 éves nyelvoktatási és fordítói tapasztalata és gyakorlata által kiérlelt módszerek és segédletek tárháza.

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1000 egyszerű angol mondat, fordításra és szókincsfejlesztésre

2012.09.21. 13:04 aforizmágus

  1. I went to the store.
  2. I had two cups of coffee.
  3. My children and I go to school.
  4. I have a car.
  5. I am going to the store.
  6. The teacher is in the classroom.
  7. She is here.
  8. I will give it to you.
  9. Please give me that.
  10. I will wait for you.
  11. The book is on the table.
  12. She has it.
  13. Who is he?
  14. It was for you.
  15. You are here.
  16. It is as white as snow
  17. She is with him
  18. It is his.
  19. Will they go with you?
  20. He and I are in the same class.
  21. He said good-bye.
  22. I would like to be there.
  23. She can use that.
  24. It was an apple pie.
  25. I will buy one of each.
  26. Which one do you like?
  27. I will do it right away.
  28. Will she go with you?
  29. How did you get here?
  30. It is in the car.
  31. We made it together.
  32. I will go if you go.
  33. They will help us.
  34. I like the other.
  35. She went up the hill.
  36. I will think about it.
  37. The cat went out.
  38. She has many children.
  39. I will go then.                                
  40. It is up to them.
  41. I am at school.                                         
  42. I would like to be there.
  43. What is this?
  44. I have a nice home.
  45. When will they come.?
  46. Where are you from?
  47. It is his or hers.                                       
  48. I had a sandwich.
  49. She had a good time.
  50. I came by bus.                                         
  51. I know many words.
  52. It was good but sweet.
  53. It was not what I wanted.
  54. What did you do?
  55. I ate it all.
  56. We were with them.
  57. We are all going.                                     
  58. When will you arrive?
  59. It is your turn.
  60. I can go.
  61. She said hello to the little girl.
  62. There are two boys playing.
  63. They can use that.
  64. It was an orange.
  65. She bought one of each.
  66. Which one does she like?
  67. Will she go with her family?
  68. I will do it tomorrow.
  69. How did they get there?
  70. We made it in art class.
  71. It is their house.
  72. He will go if you go.
  73. They will help each other.
  74. He went up the hill with his friend.
  75. She likes the other.
  76. They will think about buying it.
  77. The children went out to play.
  78. He has as many children as them.
  79. He and she will go then.
  80. It belongs to them.
  81. Did you buy these?
  82. He can go and so can she.
  83. They ate some pie.
  84. It was her apple pie.
  85. I would like to go.
  86. They make a good pair.
  87. I like chocolate cake.
  88. It belongs to him.
  89. Put the fruit into the bowl.
  90. I had a good time.
  91. She has three children.
  92. Will you look at that?
  93. They have two children.
  94. Is there any more?
  95. He may go to school.
  96. They will write to you.
  97. Did you see them?
  98. What is your phone number?
  99. We will go with them.
  100. I have no treats today.
  101. I don't know the way.
  102. He could be right.
  103. The people waited in line.
  104. It was my first visit.
  105. I am older than you.
  106. Who was first ?
  107. The water was very blue.
  108. I have been here before.
  109. Who called for me?
  110. Who are you going with?
  111. The oil is very light.
  112. It's not mine it's hers.
  113. Please go right now!
  114. Did you find the dog?
  115. He may go to school.
  116. They will write to you.
  117. We will go with them.
  118. Did you see them?
  119. What is your phone number?
  120. I have no treats today.
  121. The plane went over the mountain.
  122. There are only five students here today.
  123. This place has nice carpets.
  124. I'm going back to my house.
  125. She got in line after you.
  126. His name is very hard to spell.
  127. Will you get a headache if you think too hard?
  128. She said that she needed my help.
  129. That line is perfectly straight.
  130. He is twenty years old.
  131. They have two girls and one boy.
  132. There's a good show on television.
  133. I had three cookies today.
  134. We will go home at the end of the day.
  135. That is a very large boat!
  136. That was such a good dinner.
  137. Why do you ask these questions?
  138. We will readthis book together.
  139. I can't wait to go home.
  140. He was a very kind man.
  141. Can you change the way you dress?
  142. I like to breathe fresh air.
  143. Please don't point at me.
  144. She would like to answer that question.
  145. We can all learn from this exercise.
  146. I have a brand new car.
  147. Babies are very little.
  148. I have lived in Canada for ten years.
  149. My mom will give me a birthday present.
  150. Good things come in small packages.
  151. I will try to have a good day.
  152. Can you say that word again?
  153. I am going through the tunnel.
  154. Are we going the right way?
  155. You can have any thing you want.
  156. That dog was following me around all day.
  157. She would also like to go.
  158. That is a very small school.
  159. Does your boss need any new workers?
  160. It must have been a very bad storm.
  161. He left because he was bored.
  162. I asked him to check my work.
  163. The charity is in need of funding
  164. Are you talking about us?
  165. I am going to need a hand with this.
  166. They were told to get off of the bus.
  167. Make sure you put your toys away.
  168. Turn to the next page in the book.
  169. I found ten dollars today.
  170. I wonder what I should do?
  171. Does the music sound good?
  172. I am about to go to work.
  173. You seem to live a nice life.
  174. Most people sleep at night.
  175. Come over to our house.
  176. There is a missing word in this sentence.
  177. I am great today, how about you?
  178. It is much harder to do that.
  179. I am too shy to speak to that many people.
  180. It is just about the same thing.
  181. They said they would help us with the work.
  182. There are four people here today.
  183. You can use another piece of paper.
  184. This is what an orange looks like.
  185. Please be kind to each other.
  186. Which way did they go?
  187. She is the smartest person in her class.
  188. That is how we do things here.
  189. He made me dinner last night.
  190. Their house is very big.
  191. Do you like to drink coffee?
  192. If I do the dishes will you clean the bathroom?
  193. I will help you with your work.
  194. Can you get up on the roof?
  195. I want to buy the other one.
  196. How about we go to the movies?
  197. Are you going out for lunch?
  198. We have many good friends.
  199. I go to school, go to work and then I go home.
  200. The car belongs to them.
  201. So what are we doing now?
  202. Some people like spicy food.
  203. Yes I am related to her.
  204. Would you like a cookie?
  205. Nobody can make you do anything.
  206. We like to go out on Saturday.
  207. You can go with him if you want.
  208. He will take us into the caves.
  209. I don't have the time right now.
  210. I think these belong to me.
  211. She has as much money as I do.
  212. Will you look at this for me?
  213. You can have one or two cookies.
  214. It costs more for that car.
  215. That computer may not work.
  216. I am going to write a letter.
  217. Will you go with me?
  218. I will see him tomorrow.
  219. What number was that?
  220. There is no way I am going to do it.
  221. Do you know which way they went?
  222. That could have been a bad accident.
  223. There are a lot of people here.
  224. I drove my bike to school.
  225. She would rather have apples than oranges.
  226. That was my first time to the circus.
  227. There is a lot of water in the ocean.
  228. Today has been a very long day.
  229. Has anybody called me today?
  230. Who is your favourite singer?
  231. Fries are usually cooked in oil.
  232. There is a lot to look at here.
  233. It is time to go now.
  234. Will you help me find my wallet.
  235. Did you like the long weekend?
  236. I am going down to the basement.
  237. How was your day?
  238. Did you get the pictures?
  239. I tried to get the pictures, but they're not ready.
  240. This is the last part of the exercise.
  241. That was wonderful news, congratulations.
  242. Have a nice day!
  243. Everyone needs good luck for an interview.
  244. This is the end of the line.
  245. I remembered your number.
  246. There are four seasons in Canada.
  247. Salt and pepper are common spices in Canada.
  248. They are very nice people.
  249. He went to the park with his dog.
  250. They will be here at our house soon.
  251. We had very nice weather today.
  252. The water is very cold.
  253. There are not enough words in this sentence.
  254. What was the name of that person?
  255. Has the mail come in yet?
  256. I was thinking of going to the park later.
  257. Would you like a banana?
  258. I am going to work now.
  259. You and I are good friends.
  260. Is that yours?
  261. It was a fun game.
  262. He is a good actor.
  263. What was the price of that car?
  264. As time goes by, we get older.
  265. Would you come to the mall with me?
  266. I received lots of presents from my family.
  267. Would you like to go to the park or the pool?
  268. You are my number one fan.
  269. She walked right by my side.
  270. I prefer iced tea but I have to settle for apple juice.
  271. I love you.
  272. Will you be at my wedding.
  273. You look good with blond hair.
  274. I better not tell you now.
  275. Eat all of your dinner if you want some dessert.
  276. These belong to me.
  277. I think we are going to have a good day.
  278. When do you want to go to the park?
  279. Is this your book?
  280. He can have as many as he wants.
  281. That bird is flying high.
  282. The food smells wonderful.
  283. I would like to live in the country.
  284. I spoke to my father this morning.
  285. I started my job last week.
  286. Can you turn on a light for me?
  287. That was a very good story.
  288. There are a few of them left.
  289. That was a close one.
  290. Rocks are very hard.
  291. I have lived a very long life.
  292. Can you hand me a piece of paper.
  293. Does this happen often?
  294. She has three children.
  295. How many miles away is Toronto?
  296. There are a lot of fish in the sea.
  297. Can we swim in the river?
  298. You can do this more than once.
  299. I can do without my books.
  300. That is a very good idea.
  301. Can you watch that for me?
  302. I almost had it.
  303. Sometimes they like to go to the park.
  304. I will talk with her on the phone.
  305. I like being at the pool.
  306. Every day I go to work.
  307. I don't eat between meals.
  308. Those are nice plants.
  309. You can keep it for yourself.
  310. I live in the city.
  311. That was a nice thought.
  312. I saw her yesterday.
  313. Clean the bathroom while I do the dishes.
  314. Can I help you with something?
  315. This place is always open.
  316. Are you sure this place is always open?
  317. Can we work together?
  318. I like to run every morning.
  319. What happened to the side of your car?
  320. He went to bed late last night.
  321. That is a large body of water.
  322. The sun is hurting my eyes.
  323. What mark did you get on your test?
  324. She is good at problem solving.
  325. I have been waiting since lunch.
  326. It is usually very good.
  327. I heard what they said.
  328. Are you sure it's all right?
  329. I saw him walking across the street.
  330. Today will be a better day.
  331. Four hours have passed by.
  332. I've been waiting my whole life for this!
  333. The waves in the ocean are beautiful.
  334. Do you want to see my rock collection?
  335. I will meet you at five p.m.
  336. It has happened several times.
  337. Do you see a vowel in this word?
  338. Just follow the pattern.
  339. Everything happened so slowly.
  340. The baby pulled my hair.
  341. It is very cold outside today.
  342. I would like to travel south.
  343. Be careful not to fall.
  344. Do you like to travel?
  345. I love to listen to music.
  346. You have a nice dog.
  347. Complete the exercise first.
  348. Have you ever been there?
  349. She doesn't have any money.
  350. I will place an order.
  351. I have become a proud parent.
  352. He is going to school today.
  353. That was the best game I've ever played.
  354. How many questions did you do?
  355. Black is the opposite of white.
  356. You have to measure the ingredients.
  357. I reached out to grab him.
  358. They went into space.
  359. What's the hold up.
  360. Make sure you watch your step.
  361. Yes, that is true.
  362. That looks like a Roman numeral.
  363. How much money do you have?
  364. He can draw very well!
  365. They cried at the funeral.
  366. She can sing very well.
  367. Who is the king of the castle?
  368. I will figure it out in a minute.
  369. I need some wood.
  370. The colour is very bright.
  371. What kind of fish did you catch?
  372. He would like to ride a horse.
  373. Would you like another piece of pie?
  374. These are my friends.
  375. Red is the first colour babies can see.
  376. That item is the top of the line.
  377. There are a lot of products at the store.
  378. Remember to bring your coat.
  379. You can listen to the radio.
  380. The snow has covered the grass.
  381. He carried it by himself.
  382. Good morning!
  383. One hundred days is a long time.
  384. Let's eat at the table.
  385. Please look at the map.
  386. His voice has changed.
  387. I have a really good plan.
  388. I hope we don't go to war again.
  389. She is going into town later today.
  390. Are you certain about that?
  391. We don't want to start a fire.
  392. How long will you stand there?
  393. We will cover the full area.
  394. How many birds did you see?
  395. I already knew about that.
  396. She told me to do it.
  397. That was so easy.
  398. Please close the door.
  399. That was a very big ship.
  400. He is very short.
  401. I began to work out today.
  402. They will come at four p.m..
  403. I am going to read a book this weekend.
  404. Would you like a second one?
  405. That will be enough, thank you.
  406. How far away do you live?
  407. Will you let me help you?
  408. That's a big mountain!
  409. I have to go home soon.
  410. Leave me alone please.
  411. She lives near me.
  412. Do you own this house?
  413. They are the last to be served.
  414. We need to save the trees!
  415. There are five years in high school.
  416. I started school in September.
  417. You need lots of light to read at night.
  418. Can you read me a story tonight?
  419. We have lots of different types of food.
  420. A lot of families have both a mother and father.
  421. I like my new look.
  422. Would you like a little sugar in your coffee?
  423. We get wiser over the years.
  424. I like to give people presents.
  425. There are a lot of things in this store.
  426. Hope you have a good day!
  427. Do you have anything to say?
  428. We drove through a tunnel.
  429. That is a big meal!
  430. There are 26 letters in the alphabet.
  431. Please turn the page.
  432. Would you like to take my picture?
  433. I have a small appetite.
  434. My mother made me breakfast.
  435. I will meet you around the block.
  436. I went to the store.
  437. Who turned out the light?
  438. They asked for a story.
  439. We have different cultures in Canada.
  440. How do you spell your name?
  441. Are you done yet?
  442. I have ten dollars.
  443. You are finally here.
  444. You got here very quickly.
  445. There are sixty minutes in an hour.
  446. It is not safe to play on the street.
  447. A boat sits on the surface of water.
  448. Can you please come in the front door?
  449. I went to class today.
  450. Please do it carefully.
  451. Will you stay for a while?
  452. We are in the middle of the week.
  453. That was a long time ago.
  454. He was behind me.
  455. I like to play this game.
  456. It is very warm in here.
  457. The clothes will hang to dry.
  458. The water is deep.
  459. How did you get that equation?
  460. A stove produces a lot of heat.
  461. What speed do you drive your car?
  462. I like to sail on the ocean.
  463. He smiled at me.
  464. My dog was killed last year.
  465. There's a hole in the wall.
  466. That was a nice surprise!
  467. I know exactly what you mean!
  468. I couldn't think of anything to do.
  469. My chair is made of metal.
  470. The storm affected the whole nation.
  471. I was caught in the middle of the fight.
  472. You can have either an apple or an orange.
  473. In case of an emergency, call 911.
  474. The pipes are made of lead!
  475. Can I have a glass of water with ice?
  476. What was the result of the test?
  477. I care about my family!
  478. I just had a new baby!
  479. He likes everything on his pizza.
  480. It's hard to get something free.
  481. There is a 3 dimensional object on my computer.
  482. My daughter is six years old.
  483. Some material is very warm.
  484. I have a new pair of shoes.
  485. English is my first language.
  486. Some birds can fly very high.
  487. Can you please wait?
  488. Do you know that person?
  489. He is very strong.
  490. I feel very good today.
  491. She decided to wear a dress today.
  492. Cows produce milk.
  493. He left me a note this morning.
  494. Scientists work in laboratories.
  495. I have green eyes.
  496. She has less money than she thought.
  497. He stood there for two hours.
  498. The dog ran very fast.
  499. She uses a lot of force.
  500. I have a common name.
  501. Let's go the the park.
  502. My aunt died on the weekend.
  503. That dress was very expensive.
  504. What language do you speak?
  505. My son is five years old.
  506. That's a very small village.
  507. There's a lot of snow on the ground.
  508. Let's roll down the hill.
  509. We are going down in the next century.
  510. I already have that one.
  511. My bed is very comfortable.
  512. Spring is just around the corner!
  513. You are quite the actor!
  514. The sun is very bright.
  515. What section are you seated in?
  516. Please use the dictionary!
  517. You weigh yourself on a scale.
  518. My car is broken.
  519. You are as good as gold!
  520. That is a lot of cake!
  521. She said yes to the offer.
  522. I feel very full.
  523. I am very tired.
  524. Ontario uses a lot of power.
  525. What shoe size do you wear?
  526. Today is a special day.
  527. A circle is a very common shape.
  528. The road is meant for driving on.
  529. Is this answer correct?
  530. I gave him a letter.
  531. We became very good friends.
  532. Is what you are saying a fact?
  533. Does this contain any chemicals?
  534. That is a very tall building.
  535. I have nothing to say.
  536. It is warm inside.
  537. I have known them for a while.
  538. That is a powerful machine!
  539. I would like to fly in a plane.
  540. A circle is perfectly round.
  541. Please line up in a row.
  542. I wrote him a letter.
  543. Who else is coming?
  544. The house is burning down.
  545. You can't break the law.
  546. She grew her hair very long.
  547. You need a key to open the door.
  548. It is very cool outside today.
  549. There are many different symbols.
  550. I am going to do an experiment.
  551. I come from the east.
  552. Can you give me some information?
  553. Men and women are equal in Canada!
  554. You still need to write a report.
  555. Can you please give me a written statement?
  556. I suppose I can do that!
  557. Put a period at the end of a sentence.
  558. I am going to visit my family.
  559. That is a very nice garden!
  560. I fell on the ground.
  561. I have direct deposit with my bank.
  562. You don't want to get lost in a desert!
  563. Maybe I will go home.
  564. I am going to visit my uncle.
  565. How many students are in your class?
  566. That is the least amount of work you can do.
  567. He shouted out to me.
  568. That is a very popular design!
  569. I have two ears.
  570. I have very sensitive skin.
  571. He is the president of the company.
  572. Look at that big cloud.
  573. I like to wear nice clothes.
  574. Please start your engine.
  575. Please pay before entering!
  576. Do you take the express bus?
  577. Some math numbers use a decimal point.
  578. Can you fill in this report?
  579. The glue will stick to the paper.
  580. I am a grown woman.
  581. Let's go to the movies this weekend!
  582. A lot of trees died from the Ice Storm 1998.
  583. That dress is very expensive.
  584. He lives on the bottom floor of his building.
  585. He laughed very loud when I tickled him.
  586. I like to be friends with everyone.
  587. The letter "R" is a consonant.
  588. 16 was my favourite age.
  589. She loves kids although she doesn't want any.
  590. Babies are very tiny compared to adults.
  591. Please be quiet, the baby is sleeping!
  592. Can you teach me how to act?
  593. I can count very high in French.
  594. The car rolled into a ditch.
  595. Is that a 45 degree angle?
  596. That is a very nice melody.
  597. My family is very poor.
  598. My French class is after lunch.
  599. I will remain still.
  600. Be careful you don't cut your fingers!
  601. I brought him a present.
  602. Can you bring me a glass of water?
  603. What language do you speak?
  604. Are you done yet?
  605. I work for the government.
  606. It was hot last summer.
  607. That is a very good rule.
  608. I cannot help you now.
  609. It is very dark in here.
  610. That is too heavy for me to carry.
  611. I will include you in the game.
  612. The item is half price.
  613. What is in the box?
  614. Oh, that was a good dinner.
  615. He had shown me his stamp collection.
  616. The stars are very bright tonight.
  617. She came inches from my car.
  618. What course are you taking?
  619. The ocean is very beautiful.
  620. I need to get some rest.
  621. Please cross the road at the lights.
  622. Please go back to sleep!
  623. I jumped higher than everyone else.
  624. Sit on the floor, please!
  625. I have to go buy my groceries tonight.
  626. That is a very tall lamp.
  627. Look at all that soil!
  628. I hope to win the lottery.
  629. He has a temperature.
  630. That is a neat method!
  631. Stay within this area,please!
  632. What is the amount of the bill?
  633. Can you massage the bottom of my feet?
  634. I like to drive at 100 km per hour.
  635. Anything is possible!
  636. Some women go through a natural birth.
  637. There are a lot of things to build.
  638. Do you know what sound a cat makes?
  639. That bear is really big.
  640. I would like a small fraction of the pie, please.
  641. I need new wheels for my car.
  642. He is stranded on an island.
  643. The base of the lamp is broken.
  644. That's a nice computer system.
  645. That's a very big boat!
  646. Did you understand that question?
  647. Will you explain that to me again?
  648. The shape of a ball is round.
  649. I will clean the bathroom.
  650. The class is filled with students.
  651. Can I have the cheque please?
  652. There are friends among us.
  653. Are you able to help me?
  654. My dog likes his ball.
  655. Are you fine today?
  656. I built this house by myself.
  657. He can't go today.
  658. Perhaps I will see you later.
  659. How did you do on the test?
  660. I am ready for anything.
  661. Someone told me about the party.
  662. I wonder who's going to win?
  663. We won a trip to Africa.
  664. Can we go on a trip this summer?
  665. It's not good to fight with people.
  666. I like the beat to this song.
  667. Most people I know, don't like to iron.
  668. Can you help me solve this problem?
  669. What factors is your decision based on?
  670. Can I go on that ride?
  671. I pushed my way to the front row.
  672. I like to play outside.
  673. I'll have this one instead.
  674. I need a second copy, please!
  675. What type of music do you like?
  676. Let's go swim in the lake.
  677. Do you like my hair?
  678. I weigh 140 pounds.
  679. That was a wonderful moment we shared.
  680. I love my chocolate milk.
  681. We get our energy from food.
  682. What region do you live in?
  683. There are five members in this club.
  684. I need to paint my house.
  685. Is it going to rain today?
  686. My favourite colour is blue.
  687. Someone broke my window!
  688. Would you like to sit down?
  689. Don't get lost in the forest.
  690. I had to measure the length of my couch.
  691. Your legs are stronger than your arms.
  692. That is a beautiful flower.
  693. Who discovered electricity?
  694. He is gone now.
  695. I moved out west last year.
  696. How many instruments do you play?
  697. Please write a full paragraph.
  698. I will do it whether you like it or not!
  699. She is a nice teacher.
  700. It doesn't really matter to me.
  701. How much is the bill?
  702. Am I going in the right direction?
  703. He will eat anything!
  704. What subject are you taking?
  705. She said she will return.
  706. You picked the right one.
  707. You must learn to use your mind.
  708. Have you finished your exercise?
  709. Blow out the candles and make a wish.
  710. She can make a difference.
  711. That is a large sum of money.
  712. I will probably help him.
  713. Winter in Ontario is cold.
  714. That is a very good reason.
  715. My brother is taller than me.
  716. The store is around the corner.
  717. Can you read the sign?
  718. She is very wild hearted.
  719. The sky is very blue today.
  720. You lay the baby on the bed.
  721. I will meet with him later.
  722. We raised our child together.
  723. Do you need some new clothes?
  724. We held a parade.
  725. A square is another common shape.
  726. I felt tired earlier.
  727. He likes to be the centre of attention.
  728. I divided the numbers.
  729. I would like to visit Europe.
  730. Did you believe her?
  731. That is a simple question.
  732. Love is a strong emotion.
  733. How do you like your eggs?
  734. That is a long drop.
  735. He made a long distance phone call.
  736. I love the summer.
  737. You need legs to walk.
  738. She has wide feet.
  739. I kept this for you.
  740. Do you want to run in a race?
  741. Please use the main doors.
  742. Do you remember your past?
  743. I heard you started a new job.
  744. What's your favourite record.
  745. We are very happy for you.
  746. Windows are made out of glass.
  747. The weather is very nice today.
  748. What's your third favourite hobby?
  749. What does this represent?
  750. I love the smell of flowers!
  751. Can you describe that please?
  752. Farmers are very special people.
  753. I suddenly had the urge to go for a walk.
  754. She went to the General Hospital.
  755. The moon comes out at night.
  756. Would you like to dance?
  757. We have many cells in our brains.
  758. What is the cause of this problem?
  759. Have you ever gone on a train?
  760. Our school has developed a new program for us.
  761. We need a heart to live.
  762. There is a big hole in the wall.
  763. We sat at the table for dinner.
  764. They have written many books together.
  765. You have to pay interest after one year.
  766. I bought you a present for your birthday.
  767. I would like to win a million dollars.
  768. Please lay that picture beside the other one.
  769. Are you finished yet?
  770. A potato is a root vegetable.
  771. In five months it will be her birthday.
  772. Your hair feels really soft.
  773. Shall we meet again?
  774. Are you able to drive?
  775. Why do we need to know what syllables are?
  776. Please don't sit on the edge of the chair.
  777. Winter is one of the four seasons we have .
  778. "Yes" is the opposite of "no".
  779. There are a lot of trees in the forest.
  780. More people should exercise.
  781. Do you have a medicine supply?
  782. All of our crops died this year.
  783. You should go see a doctor!
  784. Who wants to cook dinner tonight?
  785. Do the clothes fit?
  786. Please go play with your toy soldiers.
  787. Would you rather watch something else?
  788. We enjoy spending the holidays together.
  789. What did you expect?
  790. You have a good sense of humour!
  791. That is very exciting news!
  792. It's not nice to lie!
  793. Your music is very loud.
  794. A lot of people would love to be rich.
  795. Please go talk to the chief.
  796. This is a new rhythm.
  797. He is the observer for this class.
  798. I really love my meat!
  799. Don't forget to wear your hat!
  800. What terms are you talking about?
  801. He works for a very large company.
  802. Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
  803. That isn't my work.
  804. I printed out three copies.
  805. I would love to travel to France.
  806. Which church does she go to?
  807. Do you know how to read the chart?
  808. He always buys fresh fruit.
  809. What size shoes do you wear?
  810. I think the bird is dead.
  811. How many people are in the office?
  812. Death is very sad for some people.
  813. How much experience do you have?
  814. The workers are very healthy.
  815. I bought my car yesterday.
  816. He hopes he will win the contest.
  817. Whose turn is it to deal?
  818. I need a very long rope.
  819. Did he eat the entire cake?
  820. I need to buy some new tools.
  821. Would you like a shoulder to lean on?
  822. Take a right at the next corner.
  823. Don't use that tone of voice with me!
  824. Who wants to provide the dessert?
  825. We all have many bones in our bodies.
  826. Addition is taught in math class.
  827. I guess I'll go with you!
  828. Let's compare notes.
  829. My car has a flat tire.
  830. Stoves have many elements.
  831. Most kittens like to play with string.
  832. We like to eat chicken wings.
  833. There are many bare branches right now.
  834. Her eye has a blind spot.
  835. Will you consider my idea?
  836. They entered the room together!
  837. I only have ten dollars.
  838. I want to learn the Japanese language.
  839. She will be eight years old tomorrow.
  840. I dropped the test tube on the floor.
  841. He arrived late for work.
  842. Our math test required doing some division.
  843. I want a new radio for my birthday.
  844. What level are you at?
  845. I love my sister very much!
  846. We both agreed on the decision.
  847. We all prepared the meal together.
  848. There is a new shop opening today.
  849. Actually, you were right!
  850. Some recipes require a lot of sugar.
  851. I like various types of music.
  852. My son is huge for his age.
  853. What was your final score?
  854. My husband bought me a rose today.
  855. My mother lives in Washington.
  856. Half of her family is British.
  857. My shirt is made of cotton.
  858. We will have corn with dinner.
  859. Weather conditions are getting bad.
  860. Does this have any effect on you?
  861. We lifted many boxes today.
  862. This is private property.
  863. Have you read the current news?
  864. He works in a big industry.
  865. I need an electric stove.
  866. It's not nice to hit people.
  867. Look at the dog's curly tail!
  868. The food is all mine.
  869. Who does this bag belong to?
  870. You must be silent in the library.
  871. There will be a big crowd tonight!
  872. There are seven days in a week.
  873. Milkshakes are really good and thick.
  874. You must ring the bell before entering.
  875. A lot of people have suggested that name!
  876. Fruit should be part of your daily diet.
  877. Can you send my mail off for me?
  878. Most children like to blow bubbles.
  879. Science class is quite interesting.
  880. Processed cheese and crackers are a good snack.
  881. Can you walk the dogs to the park?
  882. Please wash your hands before dinner.
  883. She is my wife.
  884. I think insects are disgusting!
  885. He loves to play in the sand box.
  886. Why won't you listen to me?
  887. Board games are a lot of fun.
  888. It's not very safe at night time for kids.
  889. Do you want to trade stickers with me?
  890. That's a very emotional poem you wrote!
  891. I have some very interesting news to share!
  892. I would love to be rich and famous.
  893. Santa lives at the North Pole.
  894. There was a lot of blood from her injury.
  895. Parties are a lot of fun.
  896. I wish I could be a thin person.
  897. We are tied up until after the holidays.
  898. I'm lucky to have my sight.
  899. There are more planets besides Earth!
  900. My mother was in the army.
  901. Can you blow a bubble with your gum?
  902. That is a compound word.
  903. I wasn't sure what to say.
  904. Look at all the cattle.
  905. I love your cheese spread!
  906. Knives are very sharp.
  907. Do you want to sell your car?
  908. What do you major in?
  909. He has been found guilty, thus he will go to jail.
  910. I like everything except onions.
  911. Your dance requires a lot of movement.
  912. We lost a lot of weight together this month.
  913. Let's go to the beach for a swim.
  914. We live one block away from each other.
  915. My uncle owns a couple of factories.
  916. She was born in southern Australia.
  917. I wouldn't do that if I were you.
  918. I repeated myself three times.
  919. The test will determine if you are eligible.
  920. The entrance is located at the rear.
  921. We'll come back later.
  922. I settled for a different one.
  923. The truck almost hit my car.
  924. There are people working ahead.
  925. Did she read the column?
  926. We need oxygen to breathe.
  927. You look very pretty.
  928. Your nose is located on you face.
  929. A gun can be very dangerous
  930. She won't allow that to happen.
  931. My best friend is Greek.
  932. He can't wait until March break.
  933. A triangle has three sides.
  934. The opposite of "wrong" is "right."
  935. What is the suffix of that word?
  936. An adjective describes a noun.
  937. Walk forward four steps.
  938. How difficult can it be?
  939. The bridge is made of steel.
  940. What are you doing this evening?
  941. What colour of apple do you like?
  942. Watch out for those toxic substances!
  943. The cows are very big.
  944. Have a good day, sir.
  945. Underline that word, please.
  946. That movie had a lot of action.
  947. I like yellow apples.
  948. I think that's a fair price.
  949. What's the chance of it snowing today?
  950. You have many molecules in your body.
  951. I like western movies.
  952. What is the plural of man?
  953. What's wrong with this sentence?
  954. Look at that chemical solution.
  955. He is especially busy on Mondays.
  956. Are you afraid of the dark?
  957. Is that a fig leaf?
  958. Those two words are similar.
  959. He stretched to catch the ball.
  960. She does not have any fear.
  961. Girls grow up to be women.
  962. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?
  963. Did you see the tennis match?
  964. What is the total bill?
  965. He is neither young nor old.
  966. Give me all the details.
  967. I like the smell of cooked turkey.
  968. Let's run around the track.
  969. Is that seat taken?
  970. I like the view from this office.
  971. Where do you get your art supply.
  972. What are the major crops of this country?
  973. Who is your family doctor?
  974. How does your friend cook?
  975. That's a very modern kitchen.
  976. How does that ring fit?
  977. My two friends are soldiers.
  978. I'd rather go fishing.
  979. Did you enjoy the meal?
  980. When do you expect them?
  981. How is your sense of smell?
  982. I value my good health.
  983. That was an exciting game.
  984. I want to lie under the tree
  985. The music is too loud.
  986. What position does your baby sleep in?
  987. We live in a rich country.
  988. He is the chief of police.
  989. Do you like the rhythm of that song?
  990. He is a good observer.
  991. I don't eat meat on Fridays.
  992. I need a new hat.
  993. What are the terms of the contract?
  994. She has pain in her shoulder.
  995. Let's walk to the corner store.
  996. I don't like that tone of voice.
  997. Can you provide me with information?
  998. He broke several bones in the fall.
  999. We need an addition to the house.

1000. You made the right guess!




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