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BRAIN STORMING több mint 20 éves nyelvoktatási és fordítói tapasztalata és gyakorlata által kiérlelt módszerek és segédletek tárháza.

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100 angol, álkezdő szintű, GPSV kérdés-válasz (huszonéves fiatal nő számára és vele készült személyes tananyag)

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Bevezető alap kérdések és válaszok:

  1. What is your name? – My name is Cs.T.
  2. Where do you live? – I live in Hmvh.
  3. How old are you? – I am twenty-three (years old).
  4. What is your address? – My address is door forty-nine, floor nine, eight, Hódtó street.
  5. When were you born? – I was born 1979 (nineteen, seventy-nine).
  6. Where were you born? – I was born in Szeged.
  7. When is your birthday? – My birthday is on February (the) 19th (nineteenth).
  8. What’S your job? What do you do? What are you? – I am an editor-reporter.
  9. Where do you work? – I work at Hmvh Local Television.

10. How big is your family? – My family is average.


Kérdőszavak gyakorló minidialógusai:

11. What is your favourite food? – I have a lot of favourite food.

12. What is your favourite fruit? – My favourite fruit is strawbwerry and apricot.

13. What is your favourite day? – I don’t have a favourite day, but I like Sunday.

14. What is your favourite season? – My favourite season is summer.

15. What time do you usually wake up? – I usually wake up at seven and eight.

16. Where is your block of flats? – It’s on the edge of the town, near the rails.

17. Where is your workplace? – It’s near the local open-air bath.

18. Where is your favourite place in this town? – I don’t have a favourite place in this town.

19. Where do you usually go shopping? – I rarely go shopping. When I go shopping I go to Fókusz.

20. Where do you have lunch? – I have lunch either at home ar at the Tv.

21. When do you usually have breakfast? – At about ten.

22. When do you have lunch? – It’s changing.

23. When do you have dinner? – I don’t have dinner.

24. When do you usually go to bed? – Usually I go to bed at ten.

25. When do you usually start work? – I start work at nine.

26. Who is your brother? – My broter is Cs. Sz.

27. Who is your favourite actor? – My favourite actor is Anthony Hopkins.

28. Who is your favourite actress? – My favourite actress is Julia Roberts.

29. Who is your favourite politician? – I don’t have a favourite politician. I simply don’t like that career.

30. Who is your favourite announcer? – I liked Szabó Éva best. She worked at radios.

31. Which colour do you like? – I like red.

32. Which time of the day are you the most creative? – In the morning, after waking up.

33. Which program of your Tv do you like? – Is it a joke? The News, anyway.

34. Which type of cars do you like? – Peugeot 206 (two-o-six) and Audi TT-coupe.

35. Which subject do you like at the college? – I like law.

36. Why do you like law? – Because it is interesting.

37. Why is red your favourite color? – Because it can be used with many colors.

38. Why do you work at the local Tv? – Becasue I am very interested in Tv.

39. Why do you like the News? – Because we always give new information and the most people see it in town.

40. Why do you never sew? – Because the school took our ambition away.

41. Whose is your car? – It’s my father’s.

42. Whose is the bigger room in your flat? – It’s my parents’.

43. Whose is the smaller room in your flat? – It’s mine and my brother’s.

44. Whose is the local Tv? – It’s the local Government’s.

45. Whose music do you like? – I like all kinds of music.

46. How tall are you? – I am 172. (one hundred and seventy-two)

47. How far is your workplace from your home? – It’s a 15 minutes’ walk.

48. How many hours do you usually work a day? – It’s changing, but usually many, about ten.

49. How many hours do you usually sleep? – Usually from eleven to seven-eight a.m.

50. How many kilos are you? – About 69. (sixty-nine)


Jelen idejű létige gyakorló minidialógusai

51. Are you a girl? – Yes, I am. I am a girl.

52. Are you a boy? – No. I am not a boy.

53. You are a tv reporter, right? – Yes, I am a tv reporter. I like doing it.

54. Are you older than twenty? – Yes. I’m over 23. (twenty-three)

55. You are a student at a college, right? – Yes. I study media.

56. You learnt sewing. Are you a taylor or a dressmaker? – No, I’m not a dressmaker.

57. You are not a boss, right? – No. I don’t want to be (=wannabe) a boss. – Why not? – It’s too much responsibility.

58. You aren’t short. Is it a problem for you? – No. It isn’t a problem. It’s good that I am tall.

59. How old is your brother? – He is almost 16. (sixteen)

60. Is he a good brother? – Let’s say he’s a good one.

61. Is your brother a hardworking student? – No, he is not hardworking, but clever.

62. How tall is your brother? – He isn’t tall, he is shorter than me.

63. What is your mother like? – She is very cute.

64. Is your mother hardworking? – Yes, she is hardworking and successful.

65. Does she work a lot? – Yes, she is not lazy.

66. Is your mother unpatient? – No, she isn’t unpatient, she’s patient and she isn’t strict.

67. What is your car like? – It is comfortable, economical, fast and purple.

68. Is your car dirty? – No, it is not dirty. It is always clean.

69. Where do you spend your workdays? – We are usually in our studios but we’re outdoors a lot, too.

70. Are you paid well at the TV? – We are not paid well there.

71. What are your colleagues like? – They are different.

72. Are they friendly or cold? – They’re mainly friendly.

73. Are they hardworking? – No, they are not hardworking, but they aren’t lazy, either.


Névmások + létige gyakorló minidialógusok

74. Where do you work on weekdays? – It’s very changing. We aren’t in the studio all day, but we don’t have to be outdoors all day, either.

75. What is your dream-home like? – My dream-home is modern, cosy, comfortable and friendly.

76. What is your father’s favourite food? – His favourite food is meat.

77. What’s your friend’s favourite sport? – Her favourite sport is riding horses.

78. How can I indicate that I am at/by/in front of your door? – You can’t ring the bell, because its switch bad. You must knock.

79. What do you think about your program? – I think our program is not good.

80. Were you at work yesterday? – No, I wasn’t at work yesterday. I was at school.

81. You were at school yesterday, right? – Yes. – Do you know where your brother was yesterday? – He was at Tesco and he played football. I think he wasn’t at home much.

82. Where was your mother at 8 yesterday morning? – She was in bed.

83. Was your mother at home at 6:30 pm yesterday? – No, she wasn’t at home. She went shopping. – Was she in the centre? – No, she was at Tesco.

84. What was the weather like yesterday? – It was rainy and cold.

85. Was it sunny and warm a week ago? – I think it was nice.

86. You weren’t at home at 8 am yesterday, right? - Yes./Right. I started work at 8:15.

87. Where were you at 8:45? – We were in Kossuth Square.

88. Where were your colleagues? – They were at home, I think. They weren’t at work then.

89. Was the weather good when you were outdoors? – No, it wasn’t good. It wasn’t warm.

90. Were your family at Tesco yesterday in the morning? – No, we weren’t there, but we went there after lunch.

91. I think I saw your brother the day before yesterday in Szeged. Was he there? – No, he was at a competition. - Where were they? – Here, in the town.

92. Who do you live with? – I live with my parents and brother.

93. Are your eyes good? – Yes. I can see everything without glasses.

94. When do you usually leave fork work? – We start work at about nine, and we have to arrive there till (at least) 9 o’clock.

95. How long have you worked for TV? – I have worked there since (the) 23rd (twenty-third) of April, 2001.

96. What do you usually (have to) do at work? / What do you usually (have to) do during (your) worktime / working hours? - We shoot films, write news, cut programs.

97. Do you have plants in your room? – Yes. Under the window.

98. Where / Which way / What way do you go to work? – Towards the open-air bath.

99. What can you see through your window? – The sight of the town, the railway, and the neighbouring building / block of flats.

100. How big is your table in your hall? – Six chairs can find room round it.

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