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BRAIN STORMING több mint 20 éves nyelvoktatási és fordítói tapasztalata és gyakorlata által kiérlelt módszerek és segédletek tárháza.

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1000 useful English sentences (video and text)

2015.10.30. 13:25 aforizmágus

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3x500 English Phrases (from beginner to advanced, listening&reading)

2015.10.26. 15:58 aforizmágus

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260 Very Short Conversations (video with text)

2015.10.21. 23:40 aforizmágus

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Peter Viney: The Collector (video and text)

2015.10.20. 14:11 aforizmágus

CHAPTER ONE - August First Yes, this is a supermarket. It's big. There aren't any supermarkets at home. We don't need them now. Everything is very cheap here. Well, it's all new. Look at this! Kellogg's Cornflakes, $1.79! I can sell this packet at home for 5,000 units, maybe 6,000. But I don't want…

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Three is a Lucky Number - (listening with text)

2015.10.19. 19:06 aforizmágus

At five o'clock on a September afternoon Ronald Torbay was making preparations for his third murder. He was being very careful. He realized that murdering people becomes more dangerous if you do it often. He was in the bathroom of the house that he had recently rented. For a moment he paused to…

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Jesse & Joy - Corre / (RUN) (song with original Spanish (and English) lyrics)

2015.10.19. 04:06 aforizmágus

CORRE Me miras diferente Me abrazas y no siento tu calor Te digo lo que siento Me interrumpes y terminas la oración Siempre tienes la razón Tuu... libreto de siempre tan predecible Yaaa... ya me lo se Así que corre corre corre corazón De los dos tu siempre fuiste el mas veloz Toma todo lo…

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Extra - Sitcom for Beginners -5- (video with subtitles & srcipt)

2015.10.16. 16:10 aforizmágus

-5-   This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London, and the boys next door, Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina. The girls like Hector because he is… pooah! And Nick likes Hector because he is rich. And Hector likes Nick because he is one crazy guy. Stand by for…

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Martin Luther King - 'I HAVE A DREAM' (text and audio)

2015.10.16. 15:06 aforizmágus  

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Americans for Marriage Equality - Hillary Clinton's speech (with subtitles & script)

2015.10.15. 17:39 aforizmágus

Video script:   'A little over a year ago in Geneva, I told the nations of the world that gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights, and that the United States would be a leader in defending those rights. Now there were some countries that did not want to hear that. But I…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - 6 rules of success speech (with text)

2015.10.14. 23:17 aforizmágus

SPEECH TRANSCRIPT Well, thank you very much. (Applause) Hello, everybody. What a great introduction, what a wonderful thing. What a great, great welcome I'm getting here, so thank you very much. I mean, I haven't heard applause like that since I announced that I was going to stop acting. (Applause)…

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