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Business Talks (1) - Visiting an Exhibition in Las Vegas and What Are Restaurants in Las Vegas Like

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las_vegas.jpgA very short introduction for the series

I have been teaching English since 1993 (for more then two decades) and I have taught several managers at every kind of companies. I have trained engineers, business correspondents, contractors, secretaries, etc. I always keep the actual needs in focus, I mean if there is a business talk or a business letter to be written we always deal with the task ahead of us. It is very rare when general things come up in conversations. Now I will launch a series of some conversations about business and managers’ lives – in an easy and understandable way that can be a good and useful practice for learners of English.

Some words about GPSV – GPSV is a special an effective way of learning a language. It is not only a kind of exercise, but a special, personal approach of learning: in language learning it is learning vocabulary (V) and grammar (G) through personal (P) situations (S). This way the language learner has to learn only things he or she (personally) would use in special situatuons, in brief: the learner gives the theme and vocabulary and situations, and the teacher gives only the form of how to say things int he target languace.

The only „disadvantage” of it is that the learner himself has to be willing to learn… But this approach the learner has learn only exactly what he wants to say and use int he target language!

The lessons of this series were made on special GPSV meetings – the most important characteristic of this meeting is a friendly chat, where the teacher asks then the student answers what he or she likes, then the teacher records and explain what he or she records.


(GPSV practices for (top) managers – talking about business, work and others (in easy English) – 1

Lesson ONE

Visiting an Exhibition in Las Vegas

- What was your flight like?

- The flight was very long and boring, but it was OK.

- What was your hotel like?

- We were at Planet Hollywood Hotel. It was an average hotel.

- How long were you there?

- We were there five nights.

- How many events did you visit?

- A lot. For example we were at a theatre, we saw two plays. We visited CES exhibition twice.

- Did you go sightseeing?

- Yes. We walked a lot in the city, and we went by taxi and limos, too.

- Did you have any problems or troubles?

- Nothing special.

- What was the greatest thing?

- To leave for home.

- What did you do now that you hadn’t done before?

- I did nothing new.

- What was the exhibition like?

- The exhibition is very big; we saw a small part of it. We concentrated on TV-producers.

- Did you get any new information?

- Yes.

- For example?

- The newest invention is the 3DTV. But it can be enjoyed only through special glasses.

- When will these TVs come into Hungary?

- These TVs will come in April or May.

- How much are they?

- Very expensive.

- Will you sell them?

- Yes, definitely.

- What other things did you see? Anything interesting?

- The most useful and user-friendly technologies will be in TV-sets. TVs will have a new function. They will become media-centres.


About Restaurants in Las Vegas

- What are restaurants in Las Vegas like?

- Well, they are good but not too expensive. There are some special restaurants that service particular meals. For example, T. is a special Japanese restaurant. The chef cooks in front of the customers. It is very good and tasty but very expensive.

- How many restaurants do you know there?

- I have been there 4 times so I have visited or tried a lot.

- Do you have a favourite?

- There is one, but it is a confectionery.

- What is their speciality?

- It’s called Jean Phillippe, and it has the largest chocolate-fountain. There are 2 tons of chocolate in it.

- Did you taste / try it?

- Yes, of course?

- How did you do it? Did you order some?

- Yes, about a coffee-cup.

- Did you eat at fast food restaurants there?

- No, I didn’t. They aren’t popular in that city.

- Did you have any negative experiences in restaurants there?

- No, I didn’t. Everything was perfect.

- What was the most expensive food that you ate there?

- I don’t remember prices.



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