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Petra 200 mondata (angol, alapfok)

2016.11.24. 15:04 aforizmágus


  1. I don’t want it.
  2. When do you want to come?
  3. Don’t you want to work today?
  4. I want coffee and toast for breakfast.
  5. I want you to help me.
  6. What do you want to eat?
  7. What do you want to drink?
  8. Did you speak to him? – Yes, I spoke to him yesterday.
  9. I went to the commitee last week.
  10. We will not go farther.
  11. Do you feel this?
  12. How did you feel yesterday? – Thanks, well enough.
  13. Do you have enough bread?
  14. I am tall enough to reach the top shelves.
  15. What day is your birthday this year? – Look at it in the calendar.
  16. When is your appointment? – Certainly, not today.
  17. At last I found my key!
  18. When I arrived I saw them on the platform.
  19. Hey man, there is a queue here!
  20. Excuse me, but I didn’t get a receipt!
  21. When do you want to do it?
  22. Send this letter by registered post.
  23. We will not eat beef this week.
  24. I want to send him there.
  25. Where did you find it?
  26. Come here at once!
  27. I always know where it is, but I can’t find it now.
  28. Don’t send him to the shop, because he can’t count.
  29. I had a stamp, but I sold it.
  30. Our car is very economical.
  31. He’ll take the parcel, so give it to him.
  32. I didn’t sleep much. – So, are you tired? – Of course.
  33. Did I give it to you? – Sorry, I don’t remember.
  34. When will the greengrocer open?
  35. What medicine do you have to take?
  36. Will you go to the butcher?
  37. How many stamps did you buy?
  38. I will buy some bread and butter, that’s all.
  39. Bring me water, please!
  40. This box is rather small. I need another.
  41. Where do you keep ink?
  42. I don’t like cabbage for breakfast.
  43. I got a parcel for registered post.
  44. What was his address? – I forgot.
  45. I bought you a piano, when can you take it?
  46. This parcel is too heavy. It will be very expensive.
  47. Where must we go? – Sorry, I don’t remember.
  48. Were they cheaper, too? – I can’t remember.
  49. Please, give me two pieces of cheese.
  50. Have you ever seen a piece of coal? – Yes, I have. – Where and when? – At home, long time ago / some years ago.
  51. If you want to eat beef, you have to go to the butcher’s.
  52. I mustn’t eat sheep because I am alergic to it.
  53. we eat a lot of pork but I don’t like it.
  54. I like this butcher because he always have fresh meat.
  55. What are you going to cook for dinner.
  56. I am ill an I went to the doctor. He gave me a prescription and now I am going to the chemist’s.
  57. Your friend told me yesterday that you are itt. How are you today? – Worse and worse.
  58. Have you ever seen this play?
  59. I like fruit, especially watermelon.
  60. What do you usually do when your back aches?
  61. My whole body aches. What can I do?
  62. Is he ill? – No, but he has a temperature.
  63. How are you feeling today?
  64. I’m not feeling well. – Are you ill?
  65. Go to the shop and buy a loaf of bread.
  66. WE need a loaf of bread for lunch.
  67. What does he do? – He’s a baker.
  68. When you go upstairs, mind the steps.
  69. It is windy and rainy and cold; it’s like autumn.
  70. Our first lesson ends at 8:45.
  71. We went to the theatre and sat on the stalls.
  72. What do you think of the weater.
  73. We will drink a coffee in the interval.
  74. Be careful when you go down the stairs.
  75. When will we arrive?
  76. Do you want to have lunch at noon?
  77. Don’t pick up everything from the ground!
  78. Ask him how much they are!
  79. If we book some seats we will be able to sit.
  80. I hope they will come.
  81. Do you want to kick?
  82. Put this table into the corner.
  83. When did you last eat beef?
  84. Yesterday I made fried lamb.
  85. I ate veal at my brother’s birthday party.
  86. I haven’t had a crown on my head.
  87. It’s cold outside. Put on a scarf.
  88. What can I do for you?
  89. Help me if you can.
  90. Where is your bag? – In the corner.
  91. Have you ever eaten marmalade?
  92. I’m sorry but I can’t make porridge.
  93. You must use this! You don’t have other choice.
  94. I need this dress. Can I order it?
  95. I was lucky at cards. I won every game.
  96. Would you be so kind as to help me?
  97. Something is wrong with your washbasin. You must mend it.
  98. I saw that you fell off your bike. Are quite all right?
  99. Are taking the luggage with you?
  100. Are you glad that you are in London again?
  101. How long will you stay here? – Until Friday.
  102. I’m staying here for two weeks.
  103. It is raining outside. Take an umbrella.
  104. When I go abroad I try to take as little luggage as I can.
  105. When you arrive, he will wait for you on the platform.
  106. You can find your train at platform five.
  107. When is your train due?
  108. The Whites visit us at the weekend.
  109. Bring me a glass of water, please. – I’m bringing it.
  110. I will make lamb chop for dinner.
  111. Where is the nearest train station, please?
  112. Please stop at the next stop.
  113. Wait me at the corner.
  114. Take this small coin with you for luck.
  115. When did you last go by tram?
  116. Who is standing in front of the house.
  117. I think his car is behind the house.
  118. Let’s park next to the house.
  119. I can see him opposite the house.
  120. I’m very happy that you have arrived. Do sit down!
  121. Can I sit down somewhere? – There is a seat here.
  122. There aren’t enough seats here in the room.
  123. These are not mine; are they yours?
  124. There are some tents behind that fence. Is that your garden?
  125. Can you see that bright star in the sky?
  126. In my home I will need a very big study.
  127. We have two bathrooms – one downstairs and one upstairs.
  128. Our hall’s here and you can go to the kitchen, the toilet, the living room, the bathroom, the pantry from here.
  129. How do you do? – How do you do?
  130. I have been working all day, I can’t go out with you.
  131. Come on. You had a long nap in the afternoon.
  132. I feel ill. – I have a temperature, I can’t stand on my legs, I have a stomachache.
  133. I was ill yesterday, but I’m not ill today.
  134. Where did you sit? – I sat in that seat.
  135. I am happy that you can take them by car but what about me?
  136. I have a headache, doctor. – Take this medicine and you will be OK.
  137. The vet cured the wet dog.
  138. If you don’t follow the instructions you will break this machine.
  139. Have you ever travelled by aeroplane?
  140. Did you buy that coat? - I wanted to buy that but I bought nothing.
  141. I don’t usually jump on the bed.
  142. I am not standing on the chair.
  143. Yuk! I’m not eating this! / I will not eat this!
  144. My brother sold a lot of things when he went to the market place.
  145. What did you do?
  146. What did you eat when you had toothache?
  147. What did you read?
  148. What did you write?
  149. What did you drink?
  150. What did you watch on TV?
  151. What did you cook?
  152. What did you make?
  153. What did you order?
  154. What did you draw?
  155. What did you say?
  156. What did you hear?
  157. What do you do in your free time?
  158. What can you do when you have a big problem?
  159. Did you buy your medicine?
  160. I need my medicine but I don’t know where the prescription is.
  161. If you feel ill, go to the doctor.
  162. Have you ever had influenza?
  163. The Brown’s are at the Black’s.
  164. I have already met him at school. I know him a bit.
  165. His eldest brother is over 30.
  166. My aunt is expecting a baby – so she has a big belly.
  167. Unfortunately I don’t have a nephew.
  168. I have two nieces, but I don’t see them very often.
  169. Polish your shoes before you go to the theatre!
  170. Where can I put the waste paper? The rubbish bin is full.
  171. It’s cold. Do you agree?
  172. My parents were born in the previous century; I was born in this century.
  173. In a modern home electricity is very important.
  174. I have a big problem – I need an expert.
  175. Are you interested in space exploration?
  176. The future is always nice.
  177. I don’t do any important things today.
  178. I don’t drink mineral water.
  179. I will probably watch TV after training.
  180. I will go to Serbia within two weeks.
  181. A jealous person is angry with others when they are happy.
  182. Come here now! – OK, I will be there straightaway.
  183. In my room one of my greatest treasure is photo of my family and me.
  184. When Sun appears in the sky in winter, everyone is happy.
  185. When I last had a disease I had flu.
  186. If I don’t watch TV after training, perhaps I will surf the net.
  187. I have to answer a lot of questions in this questionary.
  188. Arrange the books on your shelf.
  189. Can I borrow your book for a minute?
  190. What equipment do you use in your training?
  191. I regularly go to work-outs three or four times a week. It is a bit tiring.
  192. He didn’t get up at seven; he got up at seven-fifteen.
  193. Was their son at home?
  194. Do you fancy a coffee? – Yes, please.
  195. Do you fancy a game of cards? – No, thanks.
  196. Do you fancy going for a walk?
  197. Mary, this is / meet Bob. Bob, this is / meet Mary.
  198. On PE classes we usually play a game, for example basketball.
  199. Sometimes I go running – when the school takes me to a race.
  200. Now I know what Alpha Centauri is. It is the nearest star outside Solar System.

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aforizmágus 2017.09.05. 15:36:11

1. Why don't you want it?
2. When do you want to visit me?
3. I don't want to wotk today because I feel sick.
4. Do you eat much for breakfast?
5. What do you want me to help you?
6. For lunch I want to eat fried meat / steak.
7. Do you have milk at home?
8. What did you talk about?
9. The discuss was long and hard / tiring.
10. If we went farther, it would get dark when we arrived home.
11. Unfortunately, I don't feel anything / I feel nothing.
12. What do you mean "you felt well enough"? - I didn't feel sick.
13. I have enough bread, and I don't want more.
14. Do you know what I keep on the top shelves?
15. My birthday is a Saturday this year.
16. I want an apointment at 8 pm tomorrow.
17. You are always losing your key!
18. Fortunately the train wasn't late.
19. Go to the end of the queue.
20. Oh, (I'm) sorry! Here you are!
21. I want to finish as soon as possible. (=ASAP)
22. I hope they will get it the day after tomorrow.
23. We had a lot in our freezer, but we have run out of it.
24. I'm sure he will see a lot of interesting things.
25. I found it yesterday but I don't remember where.

Tor Palotai 2019.05.10. 05:28:11

Szerbusz! Ehez a 200 mondathoz van magyar fordítás, mert így nehéz lessz megtanulnom. Köszi