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Learn English through story Mr Bean

2016.04.30. 11:17 aforizmágus

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(100,000+) English sentences with audio (using the word…) (link)

2016.01.13. 22:40 aforizmágus

Kezdőknek, álkezdőknek, beszédgyakorlatot keresőknek kiváló gyakorló eszköz a oldalán az English Sentences with Audio oldal, ahol szavakra szelektálva temérdek példamondat  olvasható és hallgatható meg.  Az oldalon könnyű elveszni a több…

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Short English conversations for intermediate learners (text and listening) (1.-34.)

2015.12.12. 12:33 aforizmágus

TOPICS: Lesson 1: University Conversation – 00:01Lesson 2: Studying for Exam – 01:20Lesson 3: Roommates – 02:16Lesson 4: Dormitory – 02:56Lesson 5: Renting a Room – 04:14Lesson 6: Quit Smoking – 05:09Lesson 7: Running into a Friend – 06:10Lesson 8: Small Talk – 07:19Lesson 9: Hang…

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Pick Yourself Up After Failing (reading and listening... & very useful)

2015.11.07. 02:22 aforizmágus

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100 everyday English dialogues (video and text)

2015.11.04. 01:26 aforizmágus

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1000 useful English sentences (video and text)

2015.10.30. 13:25 aforizmágus

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3x500 English Phrases (from beginner to advanced, listening&reading)

2015.10.26. 15:58 aforizmágus

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Peter Viney: The Collector (video and text)

2015.10.20. 14:11 aforizmágus

CHAPTER ONE - August First Yes, this is a supermarket. It's big. There aren't any supermarkets at home. We don't need them now. Everything is very cheap here. Well, it's all new. Look at this! Kellogg's Cornflakes, $1.79! I can sell this packet at home for 5,000 units, maybe 6,000. But I don't want…

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Three is a Lucky Number - (listening with text)

2015.10.19. 19:06 aforizmágus

At five o'clock on a September afternoon Ronald Torbay was making preparations for his third murder. He was being very careful. He realized that murdering people becomes more dangerous if you do it often. He was in the bathroom of the house that he had recently rented. For a moment he paused to…

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Extra - Sitcom for Beginners -5- (video with subtitles & srcipt)

2015.10.16. 16:10 aforizmágus

-5-   This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London, and the boys next door, Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina. The girls like Hector because he is… pooah! And Nick likes Hector because he is rich. And Hector likes Nick because he is one crazy guy. Stand by for…

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