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190 alapfokú angol személyes kérdés és válasz, a BS-féle GPSV-alapmódszerrel

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  1. What's your name? - My name is K. Á.
  2. Where do yo live? - I live in HMVH.
  3. What's your address? - My adress is 90 Pram street.
  4. How old are you? - I'm twelve years old.
  5. When were you born? - I was born in 1989.
  6. When is your birthday? - My birthday is on the twelve of April.
  7. How big is your family? - There are four people in my family.
  8. Who are in your family? - My father, my mother, my brother and me.
  9. How old is your brother? - He is twelve.

10.What is your brother's first name? - My brother's first name is Krisztián.

11.What's your favourite food? - My favourite food is pizza.

12.What's your favourite animal? - My favourite animal is the gorilla.

13.What's your favourite day of the week? - My favourite day is Friday.

14.What's your favourite sport - My favourite sports are extrem sports and water polo.

15.What's your favourite book? - I've got two. One is 'Stanley, the lucky guy', the other is 'Count the stars'.

16.What's your favourite film? - The're 'By the winds' and 'Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels'.

17.What's your first name? - My first name is Ákos.

18.What's your family name? - My family name is Kállai.

19.What's your nickname? - People call me 'Eary' and 'Fatty'.

20.What is your best friend's first name? - I don't have a best friend but I have lots of friends.

21.Where is your school? - My school is in Deák street.

22.Where do you go to school? - I go to Szőnyi Benjamin Primary school.

23.Where were you born. - I was born in Yugoslavia.

24.Where do you go playing water polo? - I go to the local open-air bath.

25.Where do you usually go ice-skating in winter? - I go to Szeged.

26.Where do you go on holiday in summer? - Usually we go to Croatia and to Lake Balaton.

27.Where do you sit in your class? - I sit in the third row, next to Gyöngyi.

28.Do you have an own room? - Yes.

29.How big is your room? - I think it's too big.

30.How many square metres is it? - I don't know exactly. It's about four metres by five metres (4mx5m). It's about twenty(20) square metres.

31.How tall are you? - I'm about one hundred and sixty(160) centimetres tall.

32.How many classmates do you have? - I have fifteen(15) classmates.

33.How strong are you? - I don't know.

34.How long can you swim? - About half an hour.

35.How many books do you have? - I don't know exactly but about sixty(60).

36.When do you usually get up? - At about 7:15 (seven, fifteen) / quarter past seven.

37.When do you usually have breakfast? - At school, at 9:50(nine, fifty) / 10 to 10 (ten to ten).

38.When do you go to bed? - At about 11(eleven).

39.When do you go playing water polo? - On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

40.When do you usually learn? - In the evening, from 6 to 8.

41.When do you listen to music? - Every day, after school.

42.Who is your favourite sportsman? - For example a Yugoslavian water polo player, Ciric, and Tyson, the boxer.

43.Who is your form teacher? - V.N.

44.Who is your favourite singer? - L.B., M.M. and S.D.

45.Who is your favourite teacher at school? - L.K.

46.Who is the headmaster at your school? - H.F.S.

47.Who is the most stupid in your class? - B.I.

48.Why do you learn English? - It will be useful later.

49.Why do you play water polo? - Because I like playing it and girls like polo players.

50.Why is the gorilla your favourite animal? - I don't really know. Perhaps because they are like people.

51.Why is pizza your favourite food? - Because it’s delicious.

52.Why do you like Friday? - Because it’s the school-week’s last day.

53.Which is your favourite subject? - Literature and history.

54.Which is your favourite dog of yours? - Now I don’t have one, but I had.

55.Which is your favourite scientific book of yours? - The one about D-day.

56.Which is your favourite TV channel? - MTV and HBO.

57.Whose is the biggest bedroom in your house? - It’s my mother and father’s.

58.Whose music do you like? - P.P., L.P.T.

59.Whose books do you like to read? - For example Louis Sachars and Jules Verne’s.

60.Whose style do you like to watch in water polo? - The style of Yugoslavian players and the Russian players.

61.Are you a clever student? - I think I am.

62.Are you brave? - Yes, I am brave.

63.Are you cowardly? - Yes, I am, sometimes.

64.Are you Hungarian? - Yes, I am Hungarian.

65.Are you week? - No, I think I am not.

66.Are you tall? - I am not tall, but I am not short, either. I think I am average height.

67.Are you fat? - Yes, I am, but I’m strong, too.

68.Are you a good brother? - Well, we rarely meet because he works a lot. I think we get on well with each other.

69.Are a good son? - I am good, but sometimes I am bad.

70.What’s your father’s name? - My father’s name is K.V.

71.Is he young? - No.

72.Is he old? - No.

73.Is he middle-aged? - Yes.

74.How old is he? How old is your father? - He is forty years old.

75.Is he tall? - About like you.

76.How many centimertes si he? - He is about 175 (one hundred and seventy-five) centimetres tall.

77.Is he fat? - No, he isn’t fat, but he has a little plus weight.

78.What does he do? - He is a trader.

79.Does he like it? - Yes, he likes it.

80.What is he by profession? - He is a meat packer technician.

81.What’s your mother’s name? - Her name is K.E.

82.What’s her maiden name? - Her maiden name is Cs.E.

83.How old is your mother? - She is thirty-six years old.

84.Is she tall? - No, she is short.

85.How many centimetres is she? - She is about one humdred and sixty-five (165) centimetres tall. She is a bit taller than me.

86.What colour is her hair? - Her hair is dark brown.

87.What colour are her eyes? - I don’t know.

88.What does she do? - She is a trader, too.

89.What does she sell? - She sells mushrooms.

90.Does she like it? - Yes, she likes it.

91.Does she have a hobby? - Yes.

92.What is her hobby? - She likes reading, going to the cinema and travelling.

93.Do you have a car? - Yes.

94.Is it a good car? - I don’t know.

95.What make is it? - We have three cars. A Golf, a Ford and a Peugeot.

96.Which is the best? - I like the Golf best.

97.Is a comfortable car? - Yes.

98.What is it like? - It looks small, but it's big inside. I don't like its colour. It's very quiet.

99.Where do you keep your cars? - In the yard and in the garage.

100.Do you have a bike? - Yes.

101.Can you ride a bike? - Of course.

102.How long have you able to ride a bike? - Since I was six or seven. / For five or six years.

103.Can you speak German? - No, I don't like German.

104.Can you ski? - No, unfortunately not.

105.Would you like to learn it? - Yes, I would. Probably we will go skiing this winter or next year.

106.Can you ride a horse? - Yes, I learnt it when I was ten.

107.Do you like horses? - Only Mustangs.

108.Do you make friends in your class? - I have some friends from class 7.

109.What do you know about your form teacher? - Nothing but that's enough.

110.Can you play chess? - Yes, I like playing chess, but unfortunately we haven't got a board at home.

111.What was the highest place where you have ever been to? – I was on the Eifel-Tower once.

112.What do you say when a friend comes to you first? – Welcome to our place!

113.How do you use your bell? – I press the ring button at the gate.

114.Can you draw? – Yes, I can, but not everything.

115.Can you count in English? – Yes, I can, but not many.

116.Can you whistle? – Yes, I can.

117.When do you wink? – Sometimes. When I want to show something to somebody. I never wink at girls.

118.Do you like climbing trees? – Yes.

119.Can you write in English? – Yes, I can but not everything.

120.Would you like to learn how to fly a plane? – No, I am not interested in it very much.

121.When do you get up early? – When I have to go to school. I don’t like getting up early.

122.Could you fill up your car? – I think I could, but I have never done it.

123.How often do you have stomach-ache? – Rarely.

124.What do you have to bring to our lessons? – Two copy-books and two cassettes.

125.How can you make a slice of bread? – I take the bread, I put it on the slice-machine, I press two buttons and I push the bread.

126.How often do you eat bread and butter? – I don’t like empty bread and butter, but I like it with salami, cheese and cold cuts. I eat it only when I wish it.

127.Do you put sugar into your tea? – Yes. Usually two or three tea-spoons.

128.What do you do at night? – I sleep.

129.What makes the biggest noise at your place? – The doorbell.

130.Do you believe in ghosts? – Yes.

131.Do you have a torch? – Yes, I do.

132.What is it like? – It’s good. It’s very good. It’s very large.

133.What do you say when you invite others to go somewhere? – Let’s go!

134.If you had an attic room, would you like to live upstairs? – No, I wouldn’t. I’d prefer to live in the cellar.

135.Do you usually stop at the traffic lights when they are red? – Not always.

136.What do you say when your friend gets frightened of your dogs? – I tell him: „Don’t be afraid, they are locked.”

137.What are you waiting for with excitement? – The autumn holiday.

138.Can you roller-skate? – Certainly.

139.How many times do you eat a day? What are these meals?– I usually eat four times a day. These meals are the breakfast, lunch, tea and supper.

140.What do you usually have for supper? – Some sandwiches.

141.Who does the cooking in your family? – My mother and my father.

142.Can you cook? – It depends on what.

143.What can you cook? – Bag-food.

144.Do you ever lay the table? – We usually don’t, only on special occasions.

145.Do you often go to restaurants? – Not too often, only at weekends perhaps.

146.On what occasions do you go to restaurants? – Just for fun.

147.How often do you go shopping? – Very rarely because we usually buy everything at weekends.

148.Do you ever write a letter? – Very rarely.

149.When did you last send a letter? – About half a year ago.

150.Who to? – To a girl, I think.

151.Did you get a reply? – No, I didn’t.

152.Are you on the phone? – Yes, I am.

153.Have you got an own phone? – Yes, I have.

154.How long have you had it? – I got it this yearn in 2001, three months ago. I have had it for three months.

155.How often do you use it? – When it is needed.

156.How often a week? – I don’t know, it’s changing. Sometimes every day, sometimes every week.

157.Do you usually receive calls or usually you are the one who calls? – It’s changing. Sometimes I call, sometimes I’m called.

158.When is it very useful? – When I need something very much.

159.Where were you born? – I was born in Zenta.

160.Are you married? – No.

161.What do you weigh? – I am about (sixty) kilos.

162.Where do you go to school? – I go to DAPG in Szeged.

163.What schools did you attend as a child? – I went to nursery school, to a primary school, to a grammar school.

164.Do you do well at school? – I haven’t had problems so far.

165.Which year are you in? – I am in my (7th) year.

166.Do you like your school? Why? Why not? – Yes. But the students and the teachers are a little strange.

167.Which subjects don’t you like? – I don’t like maths because it hasn’t got a funny atmosphere.

168.How do you get on with your classmates? – I get on well with my classmates.

169.What is the teacher-student relationship like in your school? – We like some teachers but not the all. We don’t know if our teachers like us.

170.How many lessons do you normally have a day? – We have seven lessons (but we have eight on Wednesday).

171.What is your form teacher like? – It is a man. He is not so tall. He is about thirty or more.

172.Do you like him? – He’s all right, I don’t hate him.

173.What does he teach you? – Maths and computer studies.

174.What do you do in English lessons? – We write words, sentences and we do the exercises in the book and the exercise book.

175.What do you do when you aren’t at school? – I either play handball or (go rollerskating or) learn.

176.What are your main fields of interests? – I am interested in secrets, sports and lots of things.

177.What kind of personality have you got? – I am not patient. I get angry easily.

178.What do you look like? – I am average height. I have a little overweight. I have short brown hair. I have blue eyes. I have a round face.

179.Whit sign of the Zodiac are you? – I am a Ram.

180.What does your favourite type of girl look like? – If she is very clever she doesn’t have to look so pretty/perfect, but if she isn’t very clever then she must be very pretty.

181.Who do you live with? – I live with my family.

182.How many brothers or sisters do you have? – I have one brother.

183.How many people are there in your family? – There are four people in my family.

184.How do you get on with your parents? – I get on very well with them.

185.What do you do together? – When there is a festival we have a family dinner.

186.Are your grandparents still alive? – Yes, they are. Only my father’s mother died.

187.How often do you see them? – Very rarely, because they live in another country. Last time I saw them in summer.

188.Do you have cousins, nephews on nieces, brother-in-laws or sister-in-laws? – I don’t have a brother-in-law, because I don’t have a sister. My brother isn’t married, so I don’t have a sister-in-law. I have an uncle and an aunt and two cousins: a nephew and a niece.

189.How often do you see your relatives? – I see them rarely because they live in another country.

190.What family occasions do you celebrate? – We celebrate birthdays, namedays and mothers’ days.


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